US News: North Rhine-Westphalia: up to ten percent extremist participants in Corona protests

Corona outbreak after Party on Sylt: Police investigate against guests because of suspicion of fake vaccination passports

 Corona outbreak after Party on Sylt: Police investigate against guests because of suspicion of fake vaccination passports in the case of a Corona outbreak after a party on Sylt determines the police as to whether several visitors had counterfeit vaccines. "Running the investigation into the fall," said the spokesman for the Police Directorate Flensburg, Christian Carhus, the newspapers of the Funke Media Group. It is therefore about the suspicion that up to three visitors to a Christmas party in Kampen have gained access to fake Corona vaccine passages.

The Greens in the state parliament had asked, the NRW Minister of the Interior has answered: "From 11 December 2021 to January 10, 2022, in NRW 887, meetings of the measures critical ProtestMilieus (Coronalians, lateral thinkers, bourgeois spectrum, etc.) with 152,777 participants registered. " Of these, 588 meetings with 57,225 participants were not logged in; During the same period, 88 counter meetings with 12,460 participants were counted; Of these, 5 meetings were not registered.

  Nordrhein-Westfalen: Bis zu zehn Prozent extremistische Teilnehmer bei Corona-Protesten © www.ksta.t. New collection point registered at LKA

and counted the events a new established information collection and evaluation point (ISA) at the Landescriminal Police Office (LKA). On 10 December 2021 Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) had commissioned the LKA to set up this body for politically motivated activities related to the Corona Pandemic. According to the Ministry of the Ministry, in addition to the collection of the assembly situation, in particular the nationwide knowledge exchange, the evaluation and analysis of the social media and the picture of the crimes relating to the Corona Pandemic.

FC Cologne: Wehrle sees the need to save

 FC Cologne: Wehrle sees the need to save The outgoing managing director Alexander Wehrle has admonished the Football Bundesliga 1. FC Cologne to a painful austerity price. "We have to strap the belt for the next few years," said Wehrle in the interview of the "Kölner City-Anzeiger", which was published on Friday night. The 46-year-old will leave the FC already at the latest in April and switch to the league competitor VFB Stuttgart. © Rolf Vennenbernd / DPA / archive image Alexander Wehrle, Managing Director of 1. FC Cologne.

The assemblies recognized in the reporting period took place in all district police authorities of the country with two to four-digit (in the top 6500) participants. Criminals were consistently pursued. Explicitly writes the Ministry of the Interior in his reply to the NRW Greens: "Anti-Semetic, Racist or other inhuman statements have not yet been registered, communicated, or reported."

Video: More than 70,000 people protest against corona measures (DPA)

The subsequent field of meetings describes the ministry as "a fragmented, fragmented, disparate protestmilieu (from Corona denominations / vaccine refusal, conspiration methicians, esotericists, isolated-known right-wing extremist persons to persons from the bourgeois center) with a part of contradictory political and / or social agenda. "The proportion of right-wing extremists and rich citizens among the participants move up to ten percent. Also right-wing extremist organizations such as the NPD, the III. Way, the rights and brotherhood Germany are perceptible in occasional" walks "-" Indeed In most cases without recognizable function within the protest events. "

Green warning before radicalization

Verena Schäffer, chairman and domestic spokeswoman of the Green Landtag Group, explained:" That with the demonstrations in North Rhine-Westphalia persons from the right-wing extremist scene a share of 10 percent, is more than worrying. "Not to be underestimated is the total radicalization of" Corona deniers "- in the past had always been shaped in the past, right-wing extremist attacks of conspiration myths. She welcomes "the now increasingly taking counter demonstrations from the democratic civil society" as a strong sign against the part of right-wing extremists on the so-called corona demonstrations.

Family-internal SME successor Popular .
After a kink in the Corona crisis year 2020, succession planning for medium-sized companies in Germany gains in importance again. © Martin Ruster After a kink in the Corona Crisis Year 2020, succession planning for medium-sized companies in Germany gains in importance. The State Funding Bank KfW, according to 39 percent of SMEs, have basically dealt with the topic last year. One year earlier it was only 33 percent.

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