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US News: Julien Cohen soon back to the television after his business departure concluded? He answers !

A Marseille, the State Council validates the election but act The fraud

 A Marseille, the State Council validates the election but act The fraud © Nicolas Messyasz The MP Julien Ravier (LR), candidate for the municipal in Marseille, was declared ineligible for a period of one year. This time it's over. Municipal elections in Marseille are definitely completed. The Council of State has just validated them in endorsing the victory of the LR list in the 11th and 12th arrondissements , contested by the Spring Marseillais, who had lost in this sector but won the city after the second round in June 2020.

Julien Cohen bientôt de retour à la télévision après son départ d'Affaire conclue ? Il répond ! © Cedric Perrin / Bestimage Julien Cohen soon back to television after his business departure concluded? He answers ! On December 24, Julien Cohen had announced his concluded business departure, which had saddened the Internet users who were no longer going to see him on France 2. But could the antiquaire and brocanteur back on television? He answers in the columns of the Parisian on January 17, 2022.

Sad news for the business fans concluded. Julien Cohen had announced that he was leaving the show on December 24, 2012 in the columns of the Courrier Picard. "This is the end clap for me for business concluded. I turned 1557 emissions, I saw 7,204 people introducing me objects, I bought 1,813, I participated in 330 days of filming in four and a half years, with three then four and up to six emissions a day. I lived an extraordinary adventure . " , he explained.

Russia announces dismantling the Cybercriminal Group

 Russia announces dismantling the Cybercriminal Group © Patrick Semansky The Cyber ​​question had been at the heart of the meeting in June in Geneva, between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. of the art of bringing down the tension a little? While Western countries accuse the Kremlin to plan a new invasion of Ukraine and that the discussions between Washington and Moscow are particularly stormy , the Russian domestic security department, the FSB, announced Friday having dismantled the Cybercriminal revil group.

He who had spent four years in the show of France 2 will therefore be able to focus on his own projects , including the opening of new houses of brocanteurs. "A few weeks ago, I launched a call for candidacy from different municipalities, too exactly, to launch houses of brocanteurs, like what I just did at Peronon, in the Somme. We Had a lot of feedback. At this point, we want to open six in six different regions. I can not duplicate. I think what type of concept is the future of our profession. This project enthuses me and The success of Péronne encourages me ", he had delivered in the columns of leisure .

Julien Cohen evokes his future on television

asked about a possible back on television, Julien Cohen had not excluded this possibility . "It is not excluded that I come back to a new show, on the theme of the flea market or the Ursex. I do not run after the cameras and flashes," he said. The remarks that he again expressed in the columns of the Paris on January 17, 2022. " maybe, especially since I mounted my own production company a year and a half ago. J Already discussed with some producers, "he said before specifying:" for the moment, it's not a priority ". So if for the moment nothing has been confirmed, Julien Cohen's fans can keep hope to see him one day on television.

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