US News: New EU Parliament President: How Roberta Metsola by a power play benefited

The Russian troops deployed to Kazakhstan for a "limited period", ensures Vladimir Putin

 The Russian troops deployed to Kazakhstan for a of the Russian troops of "peacekeeping" were sent last week in Kazakhstan, prey to riots. View on Euronews © Alexei Nikolsky / Sputnik President Putin during a videoconferencing of the organization of the collective security treaty (January 10, 2021) The flags were placed in Bern in Kazakhstan on Monday, declared day of mourning national By power after the riots that have made dozens of deaths and more than a thousand wounded, the exact number of victims remaining blurred.

Roberta Metsola from Malta is the new president of the EU Parliament. Why a power poker, intrigue and disappointed expectations belong to your choice.

Aus Malta. Die konservative Politikerin Roberta Metsola. © Photo: dpa from Malta. The conservative politician Roberta Metsola.

It went surprisingly fast. Roberta Metsola from Malta got the absolute majority the first time. The youngest at 43 years President of the EU Parliament thus succeeds the deceased in the past week Italian David Sassoli . Metsolas way to the top is almost exemplary for how the European Union works.

It started two years ago with a small plot and a huge disappointment. After the European elections in 2019, the German MEP Manfred Weber was already as the new president of the EU Commission. These Personnel did not like French President Emmanuel Macron why he unceremoniously ansetzte to a counter action. With great skill and persuasion Macron sent a surprising candidate in the race, and at the end, the leaders made Ursula von der Leyen to the new Commission boss.

The presumed incendiary of the Parliament of South Africa accused of "terrorism"

 The presumed incendiary of the Parliament of South Africa accused of © Sumaya Hisham / Reuters The Parliament of South Africa during fire, Cape Town, January 2, 2022. This Tuesday 11 January, the parquet accused the suspected man to be at the origin of the fire, on January 2, of the Parliament of South Africa, "terrorism".

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remained to the humiliated Manfred Weber no choice but to retire back to his post as head of the conservative EPP Group. As a kind of consolation prize him the post of parliamentary speaker seemed certain. After his defeat of the CSU man but had no intention to comply with this script. Known as a gifted networker, he began to work on a different plan. Weber wanted to remain party leader, in addition to President of the EPP and rise to become one of the most influential politicians in Europe. At the same time campaigned for Weber Roberta Metsola as a candidate for the post of parliamentary speaker.

National funeral in Rome for David Sassoli, the Italian political class pays homage to it

 National funeral in Rome for David Sassoli, the Italian political class pays homage to it Funeral in Rome this Friday of David Sassoli. National tribute for the former President of the European Parliament. The Italian political class welcomes this enthusiast of Europe. It was a great European . After Brussels, the Italian political class welcomes the memory of David Sassoli . The Italians are also numerous to pay tribute to the former President of the European Parliament, died this week at age 65.

The 65-year-old Italian Sassoli now faced a young woman from a small EU country, which thus equal fulfilled several quotas. She was the first female president after 20 years. So far, with Nicole Fontaine and Simone Veil had two women and 28 men presides. Dramatic highlight was finally that her predecessor David Sassoli early January in a hospital in Italy died. However

The woman from Malta starts with a heavy burden in the new top job. It is considered a candidate Manfred Weber, without the open support they would never have come to this position. Some even speak of a straw woman with whom the German conservatives wanted to expand their influence in the EPP.

Metsolas political life is fully aligned with the EU

That however is Roberta Metsola not fair. You already made his first of the 14 vice-presidents and vice-presidents a name. Their entire political life is also geared towards the European Union. As a student, joined Metsola to the European Democrat Students, a coalition of conservative student organizations. The referendum in 2003 on EU accession of Malta described it as a trigger for their political activity. At the time Metsola had just graduated in law and started studying at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, a prestigious training ground of the EU's top management.

many years worked Metsola for the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU and for the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton. Metsola talking now besides Maltese, Italian and English, French and Finnish. When in 2013 her compatriot Simon Busuttil gave his mandate to lead the opposition in Malta, Metsola took his seat and made it so in the EU parliament. 2014 and 2019 Metsola was in the European elections as a deputy of the Nationalist Party, which is part of the EPP Group, re-elected. Your choice sees the 43-year-old as a further step towards equality. "It will not be another two decades, until a woman at the head of the Parliament is" promised Metsola.

Lead 1-Italy-Presidential Always in the stalemate, the tension Monte .
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