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US News: Study: DHL, Microsoft, WhatsApp are Top Brand Names for Phishing Attacks

Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion

 Trial of 13-November: Mohamed Abrini Asked about his relationship to religion © AFP - Benoit Peyrucq Mohamed Abrini, "The man in hat" of the attacks of Brussels, was the second to be questioned at the trial of the 13 -November. A new step at the trial of the noveltime attacks, which was able to resume its normal course, now that Salah Abdeslam was declared covid-19 and to appear. The accused will now be questioned on the merits of the file, starting with their relationship to religion.

Phishing (Bild: Shutterstock/Shamleen) © Provided by Silicon Phishing (Image: Shutterstock / Shamleen) DHL overtakes in the fourth quarter Microsoft. Follow WhatsApp and Google on the other places. 23 percent of all phishing attacks worldwide use the brand name DHL in the fourth quarter.

Check Point Research has updated its list of the most commonly used by cybercriminals. In the fourth quarter of 2021, DHL was the brand, which hackers preferred for phishing emails and fraud attempts.

In the months of October, November and December, the brand name DHL demonstrated 23 percent of all phishing attacks worldwide. Microsoft finished second place with 20 percent, which the ranking had previously cited. For WhatsApp, Check Point accounted for 11 percent, a share of 10 percent for Google.

Ten years after the Carnage of Utøya, Anders Breivik asks for his release

 Ten years after the Carnage of Utøya, Anders Breivik asks for his release © Stoyan Nenov Anders Breivik, here during his trial in August 2012. Reuters / Stoyan Nenov A case of consciousness. Ten years after killing 77 people in Norway, the right-right extremist Anders Behring Breivik pleads on Tuesday for his release, a request dedicated to failure but likely to serve as a political tribune in the chagrin of families victims.

completes the top ten through LinkedIn, Amazon, Fedex, Roblox, PayPal and Apple. Omer Dembinsky, Data Research Group Manager at Check Point, pointed out that Cybercriminal Opportunists were and often responded to consumer trends in the imitation of brands.

"In this quarter, for the first time, we have found that the global logistics company DHL leads the ranking of the most favorable brands, presumably to rising the rising number of new and potentially endangered online buyers during the most bustiest time of the year in retail capital Beat, "says Dembinsky.

as particularly endangered, Dembinsky looks mainly older users who probably are not so technical affinity as younger generations and for the first time shopping online. "You may not know what to look for when it comes to things like delivery confirmation e-mails or updates of the shipment tracking. In addition, the increase in Covid cases has led to people left more on the shipping service, and cybercriminals are likely to beat the fact that people prefer to stay home. "

Another trend in phishing attacks are check point according to social media platforms. Compared to the third quarter, LinkedIn from Rank 8 rose 5, now with a share of 8 percent on all phishing attacks. For WhatsApp, it also went from rank 6 to rank 3 with a stated share of 11 percent.

Trial of the Attacks of 13-November: Belgian Judge Anchors French lawyers .
© West-France / Franck Dubray The absence of a Belgian judge provoked the anger of lawyers. A Belgian investigating judge has indicated that it will not testify at the trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015. causing the anger of defense lawyers. The latter asked the President of the Court to insist, threatening if necessary request the removal of the trial. The position of Mrs Grégoire is taken as an arm of honor made to justice, is around me Christian Saint-Palais.

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