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US News: New job offer for ex-Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

IFO study: Introduction of ethics lessons influences how religious and conservative people are

 IFO study: Introduction of ethics lessons influences how religious and conservative people are religious or ethics lessons - students were able to choose more often. Did that change your attitude to religion, marriage and labor market? Yes, IFO researchers say.

The German chancellor , Angela Merkel , put forward close ally Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on Monday to take over as secretary general of her Christian Democrats (CDU), heeding calls from within the party to inject new blood and groom a successor. Sometimes dubbed “mini- Merkel ” by German media, Kramp-Karrenbauer is highly regarded in her party for winning an election in her region last year that buoyed the CDU’s national standing before the 24 September federal vote. Merkel , who was CDU secretary general before becoming chancellor , said Kramp-Karrenbauer, premier of the western state

Angela Dorothea Merkel (née Kasner; born 17 July 1954) is a German politician who has been Chancellor of Germany since 2005.

The former Chancellor Angela Merkel has an attractive job offer in his pocket.

Angela Merkel © Carsten KOALL / Getty Images Angela Merkel

Since December 2021 Angela Merkel is no longer Federal Chancellor. She had this job a total of 16 years and now everyone wonders the world: What does the 67-year-old next?

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In this regard, something light could come into the dark, because the native Hamburgers apparently has an attractive job offer.

traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr

 traffic light Cabinet summarizes the first decision to take foreign use of the Bundeswehr The traffic light government has for the first time a resolution on a foreign assignment of the Bundeswehr. On Wednesday in Berlin, the Cabinet approved an extension of the use in Iraq for nine months until the end of October, as agreed on government circles. The mandate for the Bundeswehr was changed to an important place to enable the Greens the consent: it excludes Syria as an area of ​​application.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel clashes with the Interior Minister and leader of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, who wants to toughen Germany's border policy and be able to turn away all asylum seekers.

31 August 2015 Angela Merkel , the German chancellor , says Wir schaffen das – We’ll manage this – after visiting a camp for newly arrived refugees. Soon after she announces an open-door policy; in the year that follows over a million people claim asylum in Germany. 13 November 2015 The Bataclan attack in After Merkel forms a coalition with the Social Democrats, it becomes the largest opposition party. October 2018 After crushing defeats in local elections, Merkel says she will step down as CDU leader almost immediately, and will not contest the 2021 elections, making her fourth term as Germany’s chancellor her last.

Angela Merkel: New job offer

Uno-boss António Gutres wants to get Angela Merkel on board - and offers her a consultant role in the United Nations. This reports, among other things, the mirror and refers to a corresponding DPA message.

concretely, it is to be chaired by the chairmanship in a high-level occupied advisory body, which deals with global public goods for the benefit of the world's population.

Global public goods are, for example, the ozone layer and internationally applicable regulations such as air safety or world trade.

The job offer should have reached the ex-chancellor by letter - nor should she have answered. Experts do not assume that they accept and will be at home at the New York East River - also because Merkel is considered very busy.

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CDU: double top? Neumodic stuff .
Ralph Brinkhaus must also give up the group presidency in favor of Friedrich Merz, because they traditionally gladly concentrate in the CDU. © Michael Jung / DPA mm for M and M: The then Union Faction Chair of Friedrich Merz celebrates its choice for the new chairman of the CDU with Angela Merkel 2000. double top? Neumodic stuff Ralph Brinkhaus is not the decision not occurred. But in the end, the pressure was too big.

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