US News: Comment: Germany is not allowed to rest on the success of BionTech

Climate: Germany must reduce its energy consumption of 20-25% to achieve its

 Climate: Germany must reduce its energy consumption of 20-25% to achieve its Germany-Politics-Climate objectives: CLIMATE: Germany must reduce its energy consumption of 20-25% to achieve its Reuters goals / Wolfgang Rattay Climate: Germany must reduce its energy consumption of 20-25% to achieve its Berlin (Reuters) goals - Germany needs to reduce energy consumption from 20 to 25% to achieve its climate goals, According to a report presented by the Minister of Climate on Tuesday. "The task is huge.

The history of the vaccine manufacturer is a success. Now the Federal Government must ensure that Germany is becoming more attractive for other biotech companies.

Die Corona-Pandemie hat in Deutschland die Biotechnologie in den Fokus gerückt. © dpa The Corona pandemic has moved into focus in Germany in Germany.

A whole country is in the success of a single biotech company from Mainz. In less than a year, Biontech has launched a novel vaccine against the Corona virus and earned so many billions in the second year that, according to calculations, it has contributed almost a fifth to the total German economic growth.

Not only the USA are the land of unlimited possibilities, even in Germany , success stories are true that no one has foreseen. But therefore, not everything is good in Germany's biotech industry.

Confederation reports so many asylum applications as since 2017 no longer

 Confederation reports so many asylum applications as since 2017 no longer Berlin. The takeover by the Taliban, the migration route via Belarus: that 2021 more asylum seekers came to Germany, has several reasons. A comparison with 2020 is not available. Because in the year one of the pandemic many borders were pretty dense. © Pavel Golovkin migrants at the food issue in the Polish-Belarusian border area. in Germany has been asked as many asylum applications last year as no longer since 2017.

The mood rises, while the companies were able to enroll the second year in a row billions totaling financial investors. But Germany is still do not manage to offer sufficient funding opportunities to the company in this country.

Biotech IPOs take place almost only in the US, because the companies can have a multiple of whatever ones, which would be possible in Germany or Europe. Meanwhile, it is likely to be impossible or at least a question of years of construction work, to make the stock market location Germany for the industry again so attractive that local biotech companies decide for an IPO in Frankfurt.

But that is not necessary, as long as Germany succeeds in becoming as attractive as a location for the industry so attractive that the companies with the course to US exchanges do not give up the research location Germany in favor of the USA.

Germany: Historical verdict for crimes attributed to the Syrian plan

 Germany: Historical verdict for crimes attributed to the Syrian plan © AFP - Thomas Lohnes Anwar Raslan arrives at the Cantie Court on 23 April 2020. The first trial against members of the Syrian regime accused of crimes against humanity. Ends this January 13 in Germany with the pronouncement of the verdict. Beyond the case of the accused, it is the Assad system practicing systematic torture against its opponents on the accused's bench. German justice required life imprisonment against the accused, a former Colonel Syrian intelligence services.

Germany falls in research competition

This is the great danger associated with the ever-increasing scissors of funding opportunities between the US and Germany. The biotech scene in the US is unevenly potent and diverse in the great clusters at the Eastern and West Coast and is likely to offer promising opportunities for their German investments from the point of view of the US investors.

The new federal government can contribute a lot to germany for biotech companies becomes an attractive location where they also like to stay.

start-ups of universities and research projects should be more targeted. Scientists who want to venture entrepreneurship must be supported with appropriate initiatives. Funding programs such as GO Bio or for innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must be reissued and specifically focused on the needs of the industry. If - as in the central innovation program middle class - only companies can be promoted with a sufficient equity ceiling, then many drug developers fall through the grid. For example, if you have almost used up your capital blanket for the development of a new promising therapy.

COVID-19: The vaccination of children starts in Brazil

 COVID-19: The vaccination of children starts in Brazil © AFP - Nelson Almeida The vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 against CVIV-19 in Brazil began on January 14, 2022. Davi Xavante, little indigenous boy from Eight years, was the first Brazilian child vaccinated at an official ceremony at the Sao Paulo Clinics Hospital. A little 8 year old boy received his first dose at an official ceremony Friday, January 14th.

Regional clusters are the key to success

above all but it needs more initiatives to bundle medical and biotech competence in clusters, as has succeeded in Germany in Germany. Mainz, with BionTech in the center, also has the chance to become such a center. Cooperations with clinics, universities and other companies had long constructed Biontech before the vaccine success. Such an environment then offers the appropriate framework of innovative companies and scientific talents to promote new therapy approaches.

In order for further biotech success stories to be written in Germany - not only in Mainz.

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