US News: Controversial Handball EM: The search for the meaning of a tournament in the middle of the omikron wave

Handball (D): Valentini will stay in Metz

 Handball (D): Valentini will stay in Metz © supplied by Handball - Metz: One more year for Valentini Chloé Valentini will extend the adventure with Metz. formed in Besançon and a member of the Bisontin staff until last June, the sacred left wing Olympic champion with the blue to Tokyo joined the Moselle with a contract initially on the single season 2021-2022. However, the native of mortess quickly melted into the collective led by Manu Mayonnade and agreed to extend its contract until June 2023 .

The German team reports on Wednesday more Corona Falls. But the constraints to perform such an EM are apparently too big. A comment.

Philipp Weber setzt sich gegen die polnische Abwehr durch. Dennoch ist das deutsche Team kaum eingespielt. © Photo: Imago Images / Camera4 + Philipp Weber is composed against the Polish defense. Nevertheless, the German team is hardly recorded.

It was absurd events from which the national players reported on Tuesday night. Some of the German handball players had seen themselves in the bus before the game against Poland , many had not talked about each other before the kick-off, others did not even know before they ran together.

Such a situation has certainly not experienced a player before this European Championship. And nevertheless, she's the will to take up for the German national team in another tournament.

"is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM

 Also around the Handball European Championship Corona is the predominant topic. France and Serbia are shocked on the local conditions. © Provided by "is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM Corona is of course also the predominant topic in Hungary and Slovakia. While the German team has been spared from the virus so far, certain infections in other nations certain headlines.

"We are safer here as a home," says it again and again, and if you look at the 7-day incidence in Slovakia with a value of 351, that's pure mathematically. Even Hungary is 561 among the German events from 584.4 on Wednesday. There are more comprehensive security measures than you are in the home.

The current infection numbers in the European Championship may be alarming, but are the reports of football, basketball and ice hockey not synonymous? Basically, the question arises as to whether a hygiene concept is capable of counteracting the omikron wave.

is it time for a new reality?

If not: Do not we have to cancel all events or will not be slow time to face unpleasant reality that the virus has become part of our new normality we have to live with?

RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500

 RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500 © iStockphoto The incidence value for corona new infections reach the third day in a row a maximum. The RKI announced the seven-day incidence on Sunday at 515.7. On Saturday it was 497,1 - on Friday at 470.6. The number of proven corona new infections gave the RKI on Sunday at 52,504. On Saturday she had stayed at 78,022 and on Friday was reached with 92,223 cases a new nationwide daily high.

The argument that by the close clocking at a tournament the infection chains can be interrupted heavily, of course not to be denied. Also, that the European Handball Federation (EHF) has only conceivably promoted a mask obligation in Hungary and there is also a full indoor utilization, has a disturbing effect. Likewise, it is about the quarantine rules and those affecting the contact persons. Countless players can also be postmarked.

The EHF tries by all means to carry out the event - not least because it's a lot of money. Sponsor contracts and television revenue depends on the tournament, which concerns the EHF as a whole but also the associations in the smaller frames that would have to expect sanctions in a retreat. The pandemic and the protection of the handballers advised against the background.

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New highs for corona new infections and incidence

 New highs for corona new infections and incidence while infectious numbers break a record after another, the debate continues to pass the appropriate pandemic rules. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections over the past 24 hours on Wednesday morning with 112,323. This exceeded the value for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic the brand of 100,000.

The athletes are still ready and want to compete . You are used to putting your health for the game. It belongs in every workout, in every game to your job.

is currently the question of the meaning. For a title that is already discredited by numerous outsiders whether his athletic meaning force? For the fact that the handball is less focus than the daily fall numbers? Finally, the team will take home the trophy, which was most affected by the coronavirus.

A retreat is still in the room

At the same time, the high-class postnominations of the German team show that just as a nation could triumphs, which has trained in the width of the best handballers.

But what does all that brings that if a large part of the athletes infected? One may not be colored if, contrary to the norm, a tournament participant does not experience a mild course, but of lengthy consequences.

regarding the

German team and all other teams is to be hoped that the infection chain can be interrupted. On Wednesday, it did not look at it, the German team reported three more Corona Falls. In view of this, you should think about a retreat from the tournament. Despite the finances and the benefit of the athlete.

Germany finishes Handball-European Championship Seven .
The German Handball National Team finishes the European Championship in Slovakia and Hungary on the seventh place. © Provided by Germany ends Handball-European State Seven The German Handball National Team finishes the European Championship in Slovakia and Hungary on the seventh place. This is followed by the game between Croatia and the Netherlands on Wednesday in the other main round group.

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