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US News: Covid-19: What were the effects of the health pass on health and the economy in France?

Vaccinal Pass: The Senate votes a substantially modified text

 Vaccinal Pass: The Senate votes a substantially modified text deputies and senators will meet on Thursday, to attempt to agree on a common version of the Joint Joint Committee. © Provided by FranceInfo The Senate dominated by the right opposition voted at first reading, in the night of Wednesday 12 to Thursday, January 13, a substantially reworked version of the bill introducing the Vaccinal Pass .

The Economic Analysis Council has published a report which assesses the impact of the introduction of health pass in France. FranceInfo listed three effects of this measure. © Provided by USAinformations

  Covid-19 : quels ont été les effets du pass sanitaire sur la santé et l'économie en France ?

The health consequences but also significant economic. The Economic Analysis Council has assessed in a report (PDF) released Tuesday, January 18, the impact of the introduction of health pass on the evolution of the epidemic Covid-19 as well as on the economy French. To reach these conclusions, the ACE has modeled "that vaccination dynamic would have been without the implementation of the past." "We expected an effect but it is more than expected," admitted the mathematician-economist Miquel Oliu Barton, co-author of the study, USAinformations. Here are five numbers that reveal the impact of the introduction of this device - which will soon be replaced by a vaccination pass.

The National Assembly adopts the vaccinal pass on second reading

 The National Assembly adopts the vaccinal pass on second reading The Marathon of this twelfth health emergency text since March 2020 will end Sunday afternoon, with a final vote of the National Assembly. © provided by franceinfo result without surprise. MEPs adopted the controversial bill transforming the sanitary pass into vaccinal pass at second reading, on the night of Friday, January 14 to Saturday, January 15th.

1 A vaccination rate leaping

The health pass first had the effect of encouraging the French to be vaccinated against the Covid-19. Without the health pass, "the vaccination rate was 65.2% against 78.2%," notes the Council's report of economic analysis. Its introduction has therefore helped advance the vaccination rate by 13 percentage points.

Based CAE calculations, it is in France that the effect of pass health was strong read, in comparison with Germany or Italy, where he has also been set up to summer 2021. in Germany, the vaccination rate would have been 67.3% without sanitary pass while vaccination rates observed is 73.5%. In Italy, the increase in immunization rates due to health pass is 9.7 points, with a level of vaccination 80.1% against 70.4% if this device had not been applied.

COVID-19. A team of AFP assaulted in Paris during the anti-passenger manifestation

 COVID-19. A team of AFP assaulted in Paris during the anti-passenger manifestation © Photo: Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Vaccalant opponents descended on the street, Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris and in several cities of France. They were 54,000 throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior. A team of the France-Presse agency was threatened with death and assaulted on Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Paris, during a vaccination anti-pass rally organized by the Patriotic Movement of Florian Philippot.

This difference between France and its German and Italian neighbors would be due to a communication strategy "less clear", "restrictions of activities without pass less strong" and "implementation less centralized" compared to France believes the Council of economic analysis.

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Thousands of preventable hospitalizations If the vaccination campaign was not boosted by the health pass, the number of hospital admissions at the end of 2021 would have been approximately 31% higher in France, according to the report. The Council of Economic Analysis estimates as has prevented 32,065 hospitalizations.

The introduction of health Pass also reduced the number of patients in intensive care because of Covid-19. According to the EAC, it would have been "about 45% higher than that observed with the health pass" end 2021. A difference "is not trivial," points the report, since it "would have resulted in levels hospital pressure above the levels achieved during previous confinements. "

Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions Gets the broadcast rights

 Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions Gets the broadcast rights © JPDN / SIPA Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions obtains the broadcast rights France Télévisions has just won the broadcast rights of the next Paralympic Games, which will take place from August 24 to September 8, 2024, in Paris. The news has been formalized on Monday, January 17th. In an interview with the Paris , Delphine Ernotte , president of France Télévisions, announced the acquisition of the clear broadcast rights of the Paris Paralympic Games in 2024.

Finally, the report estimates that the health pass has prevented 3,979 deaths in France. On January 17, France Healthcare lived 127,263 deaths Covid-19 since the beginning of the epidemic. 3

Approximately 6 billion saved

Establishing the health pass thus avoided exceed occupancy thresholds for these beds, one of the indicators used by the government to decide previous confinements. And this limited pressure on intensive care units has allowed, according to the Economic Analysis Council, not to take more stringent measures to curb the epidemic, which would have "significant social and economic consequences."

Again, in comparison with Germany and Italy, it is in France that the health pass had the most impact, "allowing people vaccinated have, with less risk, more interaction social and economic and indirectly by reducing the need for restrictions put in place by the authorities. "

At the end of 2021, without the health pass, the weekly GDP would have been 0.6% lower in France, 0.3% lower in Germany, and 0.5% lower in Italy. This corresponds to the second half of 2021, with losses of about 6 billion euros in France, € 1.4 billion in Germany and 2.1 billion euros in Italy.

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