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US News: do not listen to the crash warnings! There is no bubble at Tech shares

China: Omicron test on the eve of the Olympics

 China: Omicron test on the eve of the Olympics © REUTERS Workers dressed in health protection against the Covid-19 before the Beijing National Stadium, which is to take place the Opening Ceremony winter Olympics on February 4, 2022. Proud of its policy "zero Covid" led an iron fist since the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan, China seems more in difficulty facing the Omicron variant, while the Olympics arrive . Half a dozen of cities affected by cases of varying Omicron Covid-19. Including Tianjin 100 kilometers from the Chinese capital .

Broker schlägt Hände vor rotem Chart über den Kopf Börsencrash schlechte Performance Crash Evergrande © Provided by The Motley Fool, Inc broker beats hands before red chart over the head Stock Exchange Crash Bad Performance Crash Evergrande

The stock markets are highly evaluated and growth shares are again more expensive. Therefore, the warning makes the round before an upcoming crash at Tech shares. Also comparisons with the year 1999 you read again and again in the media. The price development at the stock market in the following years 2000 and 2001 should be well known to you.

A survey shows the Bank of America under Professional Investors: Tech shares are so unpopular with the portfolio managers. That sounds negative. But if you think about it, these news are actually quite reassuring.

any sportsman coming from abroad will have to be vaccinated to compete in France

 any sportsman coming from abroad will have to be vaccinated to compete in France © Copyright 2022, the Obs any sports, including professional, which comes for a competition in France, as soon as the Six Nations tournament, will have to To be vaccinated to enter a sports enclosure, learned on Monday 17 January the AFP of government sources.

Bank of America survey invalidated crash warnings

The Bank of America knocks on monthly the mood under 329 portfolio managers who manage more than one trillion US dollars.

The survey for January 2022 brought some amazing findings. Professional investors have reduced their net superweight of technology shares to just 1%. In plain text, this means: The average fund manager weighs Tech shares currently as high as in his comparative index. The professionals are voted neutral to the growth shares from the technology sector.

These results are amazing because the portfolio manager has not been so pessimistic since the 2008 financial crisis as well as now. Even in December 2021, the tech obesity was 21%.

The drastic change in the mood of technology shares is mainly due to the growing expectation of rising interest rates and explains the weak start of growth of many growth shares and tech values. The American Tech Index NASDAQ 100 has been nearly 7% since the beginning of the year (as of January 18, 2022). However, you can not speak of genuine pessimism - after all, the portfolio manager Tech shares did not underweight.

Return Retail Belastet Nasdaq 100 - Alphabet, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft Fallen

 Return Retail Belastet Nasdaq 100 - Alphabet, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft Fallen © Reuters Return Retail Belastet Nasdaq 100 - Alphabet, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft Fallen - On Wall Street is a weak weekly start after yesterday's holiday away. The appointment contract for the technological nasdaq 100 goes by 1.80 percent in the US as a result of increasing bond yields in the US. The interest rate of ten-year US government bonds rose this morning with 1.855 percent to the highest level since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic in January 2020.

and on?

that many shares have high price profit ratios (KGVS) can not be denied. That this quota is noticeable among the big tech stocks, not. But the results of this survey show why I do not expect a crash at growth shares this year.

Because the fund managers interviewed by the Bank of America have shown their statements: Tech shares do not receive their high valuations because they are cheered up by the investors, but because they deserve them. The mood is neutral. This is really no breeding ground for a crash at Tech shares.

instead, I expect the corporations to make it to grow through profit growth in their evaluations. The market has anticipated this earnings growth because the majority of investors have previously expected. We would only experience a crash if clear: Apple , Amazon and Co. have already reached Zenit. Not due to increasing interest and certainly not if the mood of investors is neutral.

OL at war against his supporters before the Derby

 OL at war against his supporters before the Derby © supplied by The OL of Jean-Michel Aulas is scalded by his own supporters. Lyon only paid over the overflows of its supporters this season. Whether in the framework of the Olympico and the aggression of Dimitri Payet punishable by a penalty point in particular, or more recently in the Cup of France on the ground of Paris FC, with heating in the tribune which have succeeded excluding both teams from the competition.

Therefore, I will stick to my tech shares. If it's unexpectedly to come to a crash, then I like to get ready to collect a few of them.

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Faeser dissociates itself from its shutdown threat to telegram .
Berlin. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has relativized its threat to lock the Messenger service telegram in further violations of German laws. You especially have gone to "increase the pressure". © Bernd von Jutrczenka Interior Minister Nancy Faeser. "Of course it is not my goal to turn off Telegram," Faeser said on Thursday in Hessian broadcasting. With their shutdown threat in an interview two weeks ago, it gone to all things to "increase the pressure".

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