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US News: network administration is to Strategy First

Berlin medicine: The clinic staff "can not"

 Berlin medicine: The clinic staff "we have already shifted almost all sliding treatments. That will continue. And this wave, which comes now, is hardly comparable to the past waves, "said Weimann, who coordinates the Save Berlin network in which the Berlin and Brandenburg intensive stations are represented. © Provided by Berliner Zeitung "Now we are intensive care from home but rather pessimists and prepare us in the worst," said Weimann. Seriously, do not say how bad it will.

progress Screenshot 2022-01-20 152855 © DEFAULT_CREDIT progress Screenshot 2022-01-20 152855 network administrators this year facing new challenges such as Zero Trust, demands for greater connectivity and better usage. What is needed Strategy First.

In the sign of the digital transformation of the networks are increasingly becoming the focus of attention. The ongoing pandemic will employ network administrators again this year. But the requirements not only Covid-19 screwed up. Thomas Schuller, Regional Director DACH at Progress explains five important network trends for the year 2022.

With adoption of Zero Trust . Many home workers to use for work and private PCs, notebooks or tablets and connect through their personal networks to the company headquarters. This equipment is usually hedged significantly worse than the equipment of their employers - and opens hackers by many new possibilities slump. To defend networks so companies rely increasingly on the Zero-trust approach, which does not trust anyone logged in user or device. network utilization comes more into focus. in the Home Office, the boundaries between work and private life are blurred. Companies must therefore as far pay even more attention to how employees use their network and abnormal behavior, suggesting the risks caused to maliciously or unintentionally, react. about track by administrators bandwidth usage and access to the Dark Web or other suspicious sites, they can help to keep the networks secure. requirements increase the connectivity. Another consequence of the massive homework: The availability of the network across multiple endpoints across is becoming increasingly important. At the same time the required bandwidth for voice and video increases significantly. IT teams need to support a larger number of different users that burden the network stronger and rely on more applications. application expertise comes to the fore. The role of network administration widens increasingly to the entire digital experience. Suffice it less and less, only to ensure that the infrastructure or an application is available; IT teams also need to ensure that not make the end-users of the network by delays or long load times bad experiences with it. Network administration is moving toward "Strategy First". As with the complete enterprise IT is shifting even when the network administration, the focus increasingly away from a purely tactical and towards a strategic approach. In addition to solving problems and keeping the lights on the Admin teams will increasingly contribute to strategic business results, technological innovation and service delivery advance.

"Administration teams were probably never been more important," says Thomas Schuller, Regional Director DACH at Progress. "You must not only support the new reality of the hybrid working and secure; they also increasingly the Digital Experience and strategic reaching corporate goals. "

Nord Stream 2 founds German subsidiary .
The subsidiaries necessary for the certification of the gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been founded. Gastransportgesellschaft Gas for Europe GmbH is located in Schwerin, as the company announced on Wednesday. © Stefan Sauer / DPA View of pipe systems in the gas reception station of the Baltic Seapipeline Nord Stream 2 in Lubmin. The Federal Network Agency had exposed a certification procedure in November and issued a corresponding edition.

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