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US News: Pakistan: At least two dead and 22 wounded in the explosion of a bomb at Lahore

bombing at the car trapped in Mogadishu: at least six dead

 bombing at the car trapped in Mogadishu: at least six dead © - The site of a car attack trapped near a school of Mogadishu, on November 25, 2021 at least six people were killed by the Explosion of a car trapped Wednesday in the Somali capital Mogadishu, indicated AFP a leader of security services and witnesses. The attack was claimed by Shebab Jihadist rebels, which stated in a statement that targeted "foreign officials".

  Pakistan: au moins deux morts et 22 blessés dans l'explosion d'une bombe à Lahore © AFP

A U Less Two people were killed and 22 wounded in the explosion of a bomb Thursday in front of a bank A shopping district of Lahore (East), the second largest city of Pakistan , an attack claimed by balutic separatists.

"The first investigations show that the explosion has been caused by an engine that has a timing device and placed on a motorcycle," said AFP Rana Arif, spokesman for the Lahore police.

The local police and a hospital source indicated that two people, including a 9-year-old child, had been killed, and injured, in this violent explosion that spilled stalls and damaged several motorcycles.

The attack, which targeted the employees of a bank of the old shopping district of Anarkali, is a "answer to the murders of women and children by the Pakistani forces in Baluchistan," said a spokesman for the Balothe National Army (BNA), after claiming the explosion.

in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media

 in Sudan, manifestations, road locks and censored media © AFP M Edecins Protestant against attacks of hospitals, farmers denouncing the increase in electricity and media demanding the right to cover the crisis at Sudan : The military power is again Sunday in the viewfinder of the protest.

there will be other attacks "unless the military regime organizes serious talks (...) on the issue of national independence and withdrawal of its troops from the Balothe soil," added this spokesman In a statement broadcast on Telegram messaging.

The BNA is a recently formed Baloutche separatist movement after the union of two older groups.

Prime Minister Pakistani, Imran Khan , expressed his regrets for "the loss of valuable human lives", according to one of his spokespersons.

Baluchistan (Southwest), the poorest province of Pakistan, is the scene of ethnic, sectarian and separatist violence. It is rich in hydrocarbons and minerals, but its population - about 7 million inhabitants - complains of being marginalized and spoiled with its natural resources.

Explosion Rue de Treviso: The Council of Paris votes the compensation agreement of victims

 Explosion Rue de Treviso: The Council of Paris votes the compensation agreement of victims A decision criticized by the opposition a slowness which provoked strong criticisms in the opposition. "The city has not ceased to proclaim that it did not want to risk seeing its presumption of innocence tainted by a prior payment to the precise designation of the responsibilities of each. What selfishness!" Rachida dati, the chipe of LR opposition file estimating that the 20 million euros "could have been paid almost immediately".

It has been shaken intermittently for decades by a separatist rebellion. Jihadist groups also rage.

at Baluchistan, important companies of the China Economic Corridor -Pakistan (CPEC), for which China must spend more than $ 50 billion (42 billion euros), came out of land, including its admiral vessel, The deepwater port of Gwadar.

Balutches Spoliated

These Chinese projects have often created a strong resentment in the province, particularly with separatist groups that believe that the local population does not benefit, most jobs returning to Chinese labor.

In May 2019, the luxury hotel overlooking the Port of Gwadar had been attacked, at least eight people finding death.

Six months ago, an assault against Karachi's China's consulate, the largest city in Pakistan and its economic and financial capital, had cost the lives at least four people.

and June 2020, it is the Karachi Stock Exchange, partly owned by Chinese companies, which had been targeted (at least 4 dead).

Randohes member of Islamist Group in Indonesia 15 years imprisoned

 Randohes member of Islamist Group in Indonesia 15 years imprisoned A court in Indonesia has sentenced a ranked member of an Islamist group because of its role in the bomb attacks on the Bali holiday island in 2002 to 15 years imprisonment. Zulkarnaen, which applies as a member of the Jemahah Islamiyah network (JI), had been arrested in December 2020. The Islamist group is close to the terrorist network Al-Kaida and is made responsible for the attacks on Bali with 202 dead.

These attacks had been claimed by the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), which had justified by reminding the Local Resources by Islamabad and China.

Pakistan has also been confronted for a few weeks to the return of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), the Pakistani Taliban, galvanized by the arrival of the Taliban in August in Afghanistan .

TTP, a movement distinct from that of the new Afghan leaders but who shares with him common roots, claimed several attacks just since the beginning of the week, including that on Monday against a police checkpoint in Islamabad. during which a policeman was killed and two wounded.

This kind of attack is rare in the capital, placed under strong police monitoring due to the presence of dozens of foreign embassies and where security had improved in recent years.

The Pakistani Minister of the Interior, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, warned Tuesday against the possibility of new attacks and felt that the authorities had to "stay vigilant".

The Pakistani government had concluded a truce of a month with the TTP at the end of last year, but it ended on December 9, have not taken place in the peace negotiations.

20/01/2022 18:03:18 - Lahore (Pakistan) - © 2022 AFP

China: In Beijing, Olympic Games 100% Artificial Snow .
© AP - Andy Wong Nearly 300 snow guns will bomb the Yanqing and Zhangjiakou Olympic slopes northwest of the Chinese capital during these winter games . According to a report published by researchers from the English University of Loughborough, the Olympic Games and winter sports in general would be threatened by global warming. The absence of precipitation will not preclude the kickoff of the Beijing Olympics on February 4, but with trails made up of artificial snow.

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