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US News: COVID-19: Serial contaminations in an Argentina base in Antarctica, several evacuated patients

direct. COVID-19: Senators refuse vaccinal pass for minors

 direct. COVID-19: Senators refuse vaccinal pass for minors © Geoffroy van der Hasselt / AFP Olivier Véran Health Minister Faced with the Senate to defend the vaccinal pass on 11 January 2022. France registered Tuesday More than 350,000 new cases of COVID-19 Tuesday, January 11, 2022, announced the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, while the Omicron Variant should be the majority in Europe within two months. Follow here the news of Wednesday, January 12th on the coronavirus pandemic. Emmanuel Macron calls students and their parents to "patience".

Depuis fin 2020, le personnel entrant sur les bases est vacciné au préalable contre le Covid (illustration). AFP/NASA/Chris Larsen © Valery Ax Since the end of 2020, the staff entering the basics is vaccinated beforehand against COVID (illustration). AFP / NASA / Chris Larsen The Covid-19 invited this weekend on the scientific and military base Argentina Esperanza, located in Antarctica , indicate this Thursday of official sources. Some of the 43 occupants were contaminated. Nine of them, who were not vaccinated, were evacuated by helicopter Saturday into a delicate operation during a weather window of a few hours, and transferred by plane to Buenos Aires to be isolated there, although no is sick. "The situation is under control, and the rest of the Argentine bases is not affected by COVID-19," said National Director for Antarctica Patricia Ortuzar. The Esperanza base, research station at the end of the Antarctic Peninsula (Northwest), is one of the 13 Argentine bases on the continent, one of the six permanent. More than 200 scientists and military stay in winter on these bases, about double in summer. The focus on Esperanza has occurred last week after a rotation of staff. A member of the base felt fever and headaches, and antigenic tests were performed on all, giving 24 positive results, Patricia Ortuzar said. No vaccination in Antarctica Only nine people present since 2020 were not vaccinated because it had been decided not to vaccinate Antarctica, in case of side effects on site in the extreme environment, explained to the Telam agency the commander For Antarctica, Edgar Calalantin. The nine members of the base were evacuated "by precaution", the other positive, asymptomatic, remaining on the spot. The staff entering the bases has been, since the beginning of the immunization at the end of 2020, vaccinated beforehand. A relieved of some 300 scientists and military, currently on the way aboard an icebreaker, has also been testing and a preventive quarantine since the end of December. The cases of the Esperanza base are not the first occurrence of the Covid-19 in Antarctica : in December 2020 a home of 36 cases had been detected on the Chilean military base Bernardo O'Higgins.

COVID: While the peak of the epidemic is waiting for it, it is (still) the hospital that trins .
with more than 500,000 new cases of Covid recognized Tuesday night, France is far from reaching the peak of the epidemic. A record figure that has consequences for hospitalizations. © Tucat This time there are no longer the resuscitation services that carry the load of patients with COVID, but conventional hospitalization beds. Since the month of December the curve of new contaminations has something to give vertigo. Literally.

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