US News: trial surveys of the Elysee Claude Gueant and former close to Sarkozy set Friday

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Claude Guéant, ancien bras droit de Nicolas Sarkozy est l’un des mis en cause dans l’affaire des sondages de l’Élysée. © AFP / Eric FEFERBERG Claude Gueant, former right hand of Nicolas Sarkozy is one of the respondents in the business surveys of the Elysee.

Court delivers judgment this afternoon to 14 am in the case of opinion surveys commissioned by the palace without tenders during the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy. The former employees of the former head of state, protected by his presidential immunity, appeared particularly for favoritism or embezzlement. Five former

close to Nicolas Sarkozy will be fixed this Friday, January 21 about their fate in the case surveys of the Elysee. Among them, the former right hand of the former president, Claude Gueant, jailed in December after the revocation of part of his stay of a previous conviction in the case of cash bonuses from the Ministry of Interior.

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He was sentenced to two years in prison, including a farm, 75,000 € fine and payment of damages. But justice felt it did not proceed to expected payments. A debt is now paid by the lawyer of the former minister, including a request for release has been examined (response 7 February).

Before sending in prison, criminal record resulted a retrial of the case polls on December 3, more than three weeks after the end of the hearing. The national financial prosecutor (PNF) was then weighed its requisitions against the accused 77 years old. either Asking six months, but a year of prison and now fine of € 10,000.

favoritism and embezzlement of public funds in the case of the polls, the former secretary general of the Elysee is judged for "favoritism" with Emmanuelle Mignon, then director of cabinet of Nicolas Sarkozy and Julien Vaulpré advisor opinion. The first two also for "misappropriation of public funds by negligence."

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 Leonor of Spain: The princess found love at the boarding school © GTRES / ABACA Leonor of Spain, eldest daughter of the King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, is 16 years old. Despite his young age, the princess is already involved in royal life. Last March, it presided over an ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Cervantes Institute, in charge of the promotion of the Spanish language in the world. A heavy responsibility for the girl, who had given his first official speech that day.

The President of the former councilors, Pierre Giacometti, and political scientist Patrick Buisson, historian and journalist from the extreme right, were appearing, they, for "favoritism concealment." Patrick Buisson is also suspected of "embezzlement" prevention amounts to more than 1.4 million.

This is a report of the Court of Auditors, pinning polls of commands by the "Castle", which triggered the case in 2009. And led the association against the Anticor corruption complaint. But the survey was started in 2013 after a bitter procedural battle.

Surveys news, elections and private business

The Elysee had paid several million euros for opinion surveys on topical issues, elections or private business, as the image of Carla Bruni. The number or content of these studies are not prosecuted at trial. Justice was interested in how they were concluded.

Involved particular, contracts tied with Patrick Buisson companies (Publifact and Publi-Opinion) and Pierre Giacometti (Giacometti Peron became No. Com), and direct orders from institutions, particularly Ipsos, between 2007 and 2009. These four companies were also considered.

Trial Sankara in Burkina: The highlights of three months of hearings

 Trial Sankara in Burkina: The highlights of three months of hearings © Daniel Wool Thomas Sankara during a military parade in Ouagadougou on 4 August 1985 The trial of the assassins alleged from the former President Burkinabis Thomas Sankara , killed with twelve of his companions during a coup on October 15, 1987, between Monday in the phase of the requisites and the pleadings.

Nicolas Sarkozy it is protected from the origin, in this case, by its presidential immunity. Called as a witness at the hearing, and compelled by the court to appear at the bar, he had opposed silent questions, invoking "separation of powers" .

A year farm required against Patrick Buisson

In his submissions, the PNF had required two years in prison, a farm and € 100,000 in fines against Patrick Buisson. Also 550 000 € fine against its companies Publifact and Publi-Opinion. For the former pollster Pierre Giacometti, the prosecution had asked for six months of imprisonment and € 70,000 fine. And € 250,000 fine for his company No. Com. Finally € 500,000 were claimed against Ipsos. Lesser penalties were required against Emmanuelle Mignon (€ 10,000 fine) and Julien Vaulpré (5000 € fine).

During the discussions, the defendants particular that ever since 1958, the Elysee had subscribed to the rules of public order. Rules that had just begun to be applied from the five year term of Nicolas Sarkozy. They also affirmed that competitive tendering would have been impossible since the councilors had been "chosen" and signed contracts "at the direction" president. Their lawyers argued the release.

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