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US News: Berlin: Creating Clinics Because of Omikron Wave More Capacities

RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500

 RKI numbers from Sunday: Nationwide Corona incidence increases for the first time to over 500 © iStockphoto The incidence value for corona new infections reach the third day in a row a maximum. The RKI announced the seven-day incidence on Sunday at 515.7. On Saturday it was 497,1 - on Friday at 470.6. The number of proven corona new infections gave the RKI on Sunday at 52,504. On Saturday she had stayed at 78,022 and on Friday was reached with 92,223 cases a new nationwide daily high.

Berlin – In view of the Omikron virus variant, hospitals in Berlin look to the coming weeks with concern. “The main problem for the hospitals is the high infectivity of the new variant and the expected strong increase in the number of people with Covid in the population. This will probably have the consequence that in a short time many more Covid patients will be admitted to the hospitals, “said Marc Schreiner, Managing Director of the Berlin Hospital Because of Covid-19 diseases, around 90 people have been treated in the intensive care units for a few weeks. This is already an enormous feat.

More and more children are being admitted to hospitals in New York with corona infections. This is a consequence of the increase in Omicron cases in the metropolis, reported the health authorities. Accordingly, four times as many children under the age of 18 with Corona have been admitted to clinics since the beginning of the month than before. About half of the patients are younger than five years. Unlike everyone else in the United States, children in this age group are not allowed to be vaccinated.

Because of the rising number of Corona patients on the normal stations of Berlin's hospitals, more clinics are now involved in the care of this sick. So-called Plank Rankenhäuser, which are no emergency hospitals, should now prove additional beds with Corona patients. This informed the Berlin Hospital Society of the German Press Agency. The aim is to create additional capacities to secure the supply, said spokeswoman Barbara Ogrinz.

  Berlin: Kliniken schaffen wegen Omikron-Welle mehr Kapazitäten © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

The strong spread of the virus variant Omikron represents the clinics with new challenges. Because at many infected the course of the disease is less violently than in the delta variant and more people are twice or three times vaccinated, the number of corona intensive patients tend to slowly or grows with the previous pace. Instead, but more and more corona cases are treated on the normal stations.

New highs for corona new infections and incidence

 New highs for corona new infections and incidence while infectious numbers break a record after another, the debate continues to pass the appropriate pandemic rules. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections over the past 24 hours on Wednesday morning with 112,323. This exceeded the value for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic the brand of 100,000.

The 1999 Microsoft video game Omikron continues to go viral on social media amid the new Omicron strain and people have a lot to say about it on Twitter. One person wrote: “Omicron was the name of a 1999 video game by Microsoft and Bill Gates about demons pretending to be humans and harvesting their souls…. “This is a video game from 1999 called Omikron . Listen to the video from 4:30 to 4:52. Completely conspiratorial, but it’s very very unnerving when compared to what is happening,” said another.

South Africa delivered some positive news on the omicron coronavirus variant on Friday, reporting a much lower rate of hospital admissions and signs that the wave of infections may be peaking. Only 1.7% of identified Covid-19 cases were admitted to hospital in the second week of infections in the “We are really seeing very small increases in the number of deaths,” said Michelle Groome, head of health surveillance for the country’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases. More than 90% of hospital deaths were among the unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, News24 reported, citing Waasila

According to Ogrinz, there were 436 patients on January 7th, January 19 already 611. "This is a powerful plus". The number of COVID 19 intensive patients varied to the information last by 200. They are treated in part weeks and must be considered partly.

Ogrinz pointed out that the capacities of the hospitals are limited - especially in the omikron wave also infect more employees or must be quarantined as contact persons. "Although beds are built, but we simply have no reserves at staff," she said.

"It will occur due to the rising case numbers to increased shifts of plannable treatments, patients need to be adjusted to increased waiting times," said Ogrinz. "In addition, in this phase of the pandemic, we must check exactly which cases still outpatient, in the hospital or in the intensive care unit must be supplied." It is therefore necessary to be a good interaction between established physicians and clinics.

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