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US News: Markus Söder wants to aggravate Corona measures at the moment

"is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM

 Also around the Handball European Championship Corona is the predominant topic. France and Serbia are shocked on the local conditions. © Provided by "is a shock" - Hygiene vortex at Handball-EM Corona is of course also the predominant topic in Hungary and Slovakia. While the German team has been spared from the virus so far, certain infections in other nations certain headlines.

Bayern's Prime Minister Söder for "eye measures" in the protection measures: because Omikron from Delta distinguishes from Delta.

  Markus Söder will Corona-Maßnahmen derzeit nicht verschärfen © Sven Hoppe / dpa

Bavaria's head of government Markus Söder ( CSU ) has pronounced prior to the Prime Minister Conference on Monday despite jumping infection numbers against harder corona measures. "It does not make sense to tighten now," said the party feet after a meeting of the CSU board on Friday in Munich . Rather, it has to be observed with a sense of objection to what extent the omikron wave is on the burden on the health care system.

On the other hand, there is no reason for how to completely renounce Corona Management in Great Britain . Prime Minister Boris Johnson had announced in the British Parliament, the people in Great Britain would not have to wear any masks from Thursday's coming week, they are likely to go back to the office and would not have to show more in the office.

virologist Stöhr: End of the corona pandemic in the summer

 virologist Stöhr: End of the corona pandemic in the summer The best way from the pandemic would be after the point of view of the expert, on the other hand, when vaccinated infected. "In the package, there will be a long-lasting immune protection," said Stöhr. "The combination of vaccination protection and infection is actually the way." © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The virologist also expects in summer with one end of the pandemic.

Video: Vaccination: Scheuer calls for confidence question from Federal Chancellor Scholz (Glomex)

Lockers at ProfiSport

Söder suggested instead, there may be releases on the situation of things. For Bavaria , he presented possible relaxation for the approval of viewers in the professional sport as well as for children and adolescents at the afternoon employment.

The measures in the fight against the delta variant could not be easily transferred to the meanwhile prevailing omikron variant. The levels of disease are milder, the number of booster vaccinations, new vaccines and drugs would be on the market, said Söder.

He criticized again that the Federal Government does not want to submit its own bill for general vaccinations. The vote on group requests from MEPs can lead to "Randomities" in the Bundestag , warned Söder. He pleaded to merge the times for the introduction of a vaccination obligation for nursing facilities and a general vaccination requirement. Otherwise, other personnel problems threatened in the care.

Coronavirus: Karl Lauderbach wants to maintain three-month rule for Genosis status .
The EU has agreed that the genesis status of Corona sufferers is extended to six months. But Health Minister Lauterbach wants to leave it at three months - and is criticized violently. © VIA / Imago Images / Political-Moments Despite the EU's decision to extend the genesen status at Corona diseases, Germany does not want to be able to exist. The Ministry of Health of Karl Lauderbach (SPD) sees no need to expand the period from three to six months.

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