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less than two minutes, discover the shortest flight in the world

 less than two minutes, discover the shortest flight in the world © provided by Gentside plane Do you know the shortest flight in the world? If usually we borrow this means of transport to visit other countries, or even other continents often at about ten hours, there is one, very particular, which does not exceed three kilometers. It even has the world record at the Guinness Book of the less long flight! The shortest flight your browser does not support this video get ready for flight, it's all an art.

Un avion de la compagnie American Airlines (illustration) passenger © provided by Gentside A plane from the company American Airlines (Illustration)

to calm the ardor of certain passengers, the staff onboard must sometimes improvise. A few months ago, air hostesses, and stewards with the help of some travelers, for example, had to scoter a passenger who did not want to calm down . But this Thursday, January 20, while a passenger had unacceptable behavior, a shuttle aircraft between Miami and London simply due to turn back .

Your Browser does not support this video The reason for this return to the departure box?

The passenger refused Mordicus to wear his mask . In a statement, the airline that insured this link indicates: "The flight 38 of American Airlines from Miami and to London has returned to Miami airport because of a disruptive client refusing to comply. to the federal requirement of the port of the mask ". We imagine the sadness that the 128 other passengers, forced to spend the night in a Miami hotel because of one person. According to

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, the discovered face passenger was welcomed, without violence, by the police after landing the aircraft. It would have been blacklisted by American Airlines and risks a strong fine. Recrudescence of incivility cases This is not an isolated case of incivility, far from it. Since the beginning of the year 2022, the FAA (the government agency responsible for regulations and controls concerning civil aviation) would already have recorded more than 150 similar cases

. Last year, this agency has close the bar of 6000 cases of disrespectful passengers, and the overwhelming majority of them involved a bad or non-port of the mask.

Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, the atmosphere is therefore much more tense between travelers and

flight staff, which simply try to apply the health protocol. The phenomenon is such that the FAA has opted for a policy of "zero tolerance": now, a disrespectful passenger during a flight risk

a fine $ 37,000 (about 33,000 euros) to which can be added a small penalty. Prison . Not to miss anything from our news,

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