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US News: to the one: demographic collapse in the Balkans

The most expensive house of the United States soon for sale

 The most expensive house of the United States soon for sale is the largest private residence in the world, also one of the most expensive. And for the very first time, it is put on the market. "The One" has been estimated at nearly 260 million euros and auction last Friday. Aaron Kirman, Branden Williams and Rayni Williams - Three highly publicized real estate agents in the United States - have put this property on sale on the Platform of Concierge Auctions. It is here that the auctions will take place from 7 to 10 February.

Vue de Zagreb, capitale de la Croatie. En 10 ans, le pays a perdu 10 % de sa population. © CC0 Pixabay / Strgars View of Zagreb, capital of Croatia. In 10 years, the country lost 10% of its population.

A press review presented in partnership with the Balkan Courrier.

The results of the censuses organized during the year 2021 in the Balkans begin to be unveiled, and the announced demographic disaster arrived, due to a small birth rate and a strong emigration. In ten years, Croatia lost nearly 10% of its population, fallen under the bar of four million inhabitants .

A similar statistic to that of Bulgaria , where 11% of the population fainted in a decade. The country has only 6.52 million inhabitants compared with 8.9 million in 1985. And half of the students of Moldova disappeared in fifteen years ...

Kiev satisfied with the "unity" of its partners against Moscow

 Kiev satisfied with the The Ukrainian authorities welcome the refusal of NATO to grant Russia a right to look at a possible accession of their country to the Atlantic Alliance . © Provided by the world The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, and the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, Brussels, 16 December 2021.

Montenegro: Towards a minority government?

The large part of Chamboule-Everything announced in Montenegro started. A motion of censorship has been filed against the current Cabinet , paving the way for the formation of a minority government, without the democratic front (DF) or the deputies of President Milo đukanović. An instability which testifies to the difficult " normalization" of the local political scene , after thirty years of reign of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of the Head of State.

Djoković case: In Serbia, the passion according to "Saint-Nole"

Saga Djoković quickly turned into a state affair. In Belgrade and Banja Luka, in Republika Srpska, Serbian leaders were eager to denounce the expulsion of the Tennis Champion of Australia and to make it a martyr .

The Albi Jazz Return Festival with Four Heads and Mini-Concerts Everywhere in Town

 The Albi Jazz Return Festival with Four Heads and Mini-Concerts Everywhere in Town Launched in 2020, the Albi Jazz Festival makes its return at the beginning of the year with a program that mixes great concerts , Off under capita and impromptus everywhere in town. © provided by FranceInfo between Albi and Jazz, it's a love story that is reborn. Already from 1982 to 1989, the Episcopal City had its festival. Thirty-one year later, in 2020, the musical genre returned to the front of the stage with the Albi Jazz Festival .

Balkon and political diplomas in the Balkans: To the happiness of plagiaries

to boost his political career in the Balkans, nothing better than claiming a master, or even better, a doctorate. And no need to study for that, simply find a complacent university to deliver it by addressing the many very low-controlled private institutions that grow like mushrooms ... Regional Horizon Tour .

Serbia: Religious communities want more confessional education at

Orthodox, Catholics, Muslim, Jewish and Protestant schools for once agree. All Serbia's "traditional" religious communities want to take even more hands on religious education at school.

In Croatia, the renewal of the episcopate should accelerate in 2022, with the retirement of certain very nationalistic figures. The Vatican takes over a hand on an church gnawed by the demon of conservatism and often tempted by the open opposition to Pope Francis.

in Sudan, bloody repression against anti-putsch protesters makes seven dead

 in Sudan, bloody repression against anti-putsch protesters makes seven dead © Marwan Ali Citizen event against military putsch in Karthoum, capital of Sudan on 17 January 2022. Seven protesters in the fight against military power been killed in Sudan on Monday. One of the most bloody days of the repression of this mobilization that does not smell since the Putsch of General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan at the end of October.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a new generation of artists in combat

Art is not dead in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a whole new generation of artists is emerging, despite the material difficulties and the lack of recognition . A generation ready to rise to the fight to show their works. Reportage .

Tirana: 20 new street names for 20 women killed in 2021

Twenty streets of Tirana now carry new names, those of twenty women killed in 2021. The activists of the feminist collective of Albania intend to challenge the authorities on the femicides who multiply in the country .

Trial of the Attacks of 13-November: Belgian Judge Anchors French lawyers .
© West-France / Franck Dubray The absence of a Belgian judge provoked the anger of lawyers. A Belgian investigating judge has indicated that it will not testify at the trial of the attacks of 13 November 2015. causing the anger of defense lawyers. The latter asked the President of the Court to insist, threatening if necessary request the removal of the trial. The position of Mrs Grégoire is taken as an arm of honor made to justice, is around me Christian Saint-Palais.

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