US News: Tonga: a miraculum of the tsunami survives after swimming 7.5 km

New earthquake in Tonga

 New earthquake in Tonga A magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred on Thursday off the Tonga Islands. © Tonga Red Cross Society / Reuters A magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred on Thursday offshore Tonga Islands, announced the American Seismological Institute (USGS), a devastated archipelago mid-January by a volcanic eruption followed a tsunami . The earthquake took place at 06:40 GMT at a depth of 14.5 km to 219 kilometers northwest of the city of Pangai, a city on the island of Lifuka.

he had to rally another island to swim to be rescued

Ce Tongien a nagé près de 8 km (illustration). © Pixabay / Jahcordova This Tongien swam nearly 8 km (illustration). Incredible - He had to rally another island to swimming to be rescued

This is the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano that caused Tsunami to the Tonga islands. This Saturday, Lisala Folau was at his home with his son and niece when the disaster took place. As he entrusted to the local radio Broadcom FM and relayed by the HuffPost , this Tongien retired carpenter was surprised by a wave "about six meters" high. Attempting to escape the tsunami , the 57-year-old man climbed to a tree with his niece before being carried away by a more impressive surf.

Tsunami alert in the Pacific after a volcanic eruption

 Tsunami alert in the Pacific after a volcanic eruption Tonga-volcano / (TV): Tsunami alert in the Pacific after a volcanic eruption Sydney, January 15 (Reuters) - The eruption of a submarine volcano On the offshore Tonga Islands triggered a tsunami alert in several Pacific archipelagos, where waves reaching a high meter were reported. According to the American Tsunami Monitoring Center and Australian Meteorological Services, 1.2 m high waves hit Nuku'alofa, the Tonga capital, located 65 km north of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai volcano. .

then alone in the dark, embarrassed by a handicap that prevents it from walking properly, Lisala Foluau heard his son call him. Keeping silent to avoid putting her life in danger, he has been held by the waters to a shore.

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27 hours of Calvary

After swimming seven hours to rally the island of Polo'a, the fiftierenary began in Head to join Mui'i Sopu, an area located near Nuku'alofa, the capital of the Tonga Islands. Rescribed by a driver, he was then brought back home safe and sound.

In total, Lisala Folaau will have swam 7.5 km and survived alone for 2 hours. No information filtered regarding the state of health of his son and niece. The balance sheet reports three deaths. This Thursday, two aircraft were sent by Australia and New Zealand to help the local population.

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