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US News: Coalition Clause: What remains of the beautiful selfie

Federal Government wants to create 148 more new jobs

 Federal Government wants to create 148 more new jobs The traffic light coalition plans to expand the staffing of the Federal Government again vigorously. A ministry should benefit from it. © Jürgen Heinrich / Imago Images / Jürgen Heinrich The Federal Government wants to create another 148 new jobs in the ministries and in the Chancellery. This comes from a staff list of household workgroups from SPD , Green and FDP .

remains with the first cabinet claus of the traffic light coalition falls above all: Scholz does not have to worry about covering the differences, because the partners join. Only with the vaccination obligation could the FDP spoil the chancellor majority.

Robert Habeck, Vizekanzler und Bundeswirtschaftsminister, Olaf Scholz, Bundeskanzler, Christian Lindner, Bundesfinanzminister nach Kabinettsklausur der Bundesregierung im Bundeskanzleramt. © Chris Emil Janßen / Imago Images Robert Habeck, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economics, Olaf Scholz, Federal Chancellor, Christian Lindner, Federal Finance Minister to Cabinet Claus of the Federal Government in the Federal Chancellery. What remains of beautiful selfie

"The Federal Government has always acted together in this question and will continue to do it," says the Lord in white shirt and dark blue tie standing in the middle. To his rights of the Lord with the dark shirt, leaves a "we are very closed". What the left in the elegant Rolli confirms: "That's the way it is." It is Friday afternoon, in the Chancellery the press conference of the traffic light coalition from SPD, Greens and FDP runs. Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Vice-Chancellor Robert Dabeck and Finance Minister Christian Lindner stand in front of the camera, they are an opinion, for 35 minutes.

North Stream 2: The pipeline project threatened by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine

 North Stream 2: The pipeline project threatened by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine © Odd Andersen / AFP If a Moscow attack was launched against Ukraine, sanctions against the North Stream 2 pipeline project 2 Between Russia and Germany would be envisaged. American-Russian meetings, Summit between NATO and Russia, a meeting of the Organization for Security in Europe, since 10 January diplomatic appointments are linked. In the center are the fears of an attack by Moscow against Ukraine, where Russia is threatened with retaliation if such an operation was decided.

Angela Merkel has said shortly before her farewell in the interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung , she can sleep quietly with Olaf Scholz in the Chancellery. After the occurrence of government tips after the first Cabinet's clause of the coalition, this commitment of the Alt Chancellor has a whole new meaning. Olaf Scholz harmonizes every conflict aimed to purposefully, the new stylistic agent in the traffic light coalition is the noiseless consensus formation without publicly visible debate rashes.

that the chancellor and the sixteen ministers and ministers have actually met and talked, they witness beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, no sociable together, but one with a big Corona distance, regrets habor, but still "a real relationship". They have advised how the government could take on ride to dare progress, Lindner summarizes. Actually, the whole people can sleep.

Lead 1-Yemen-A raid of the Saudi coalition against Sanaa makes 14 dead-controls

 Lead 1-Yemen-A raid of the Saudi coalition against Sanaa makes 14 dead-controls Yemen-Arabie / Security (Lead 1, Update 1): Lead 1-Yemen-A raid of the Saudi Coalition against Sanaa makes 14 dead -Lethoins (updated all along with details, modifies Dateline) Aden, January 18 (Reuters) - Aerial strikes from the Saudi Coalition, intervening militarily in Yemen against the Houthis made 14 dead in the capital Sanaa, controlled by The Shiite movement, said Tuesday to Reuters of the inhabitants.

but so easily you should not get away with your mutual show in the late Friday afternoon. If the coalitions agree in potential sanctions, Russia should attack Ukraine, asks a reporter. Scholz begins with his compulsory "beautiful thanks for your question", the well-known "serious situation" lectures and avoids a clear answer. But is the coalition really agree? Dabel Seconded to the Chancellor: "We are a government and, which is always unique". To the left of Scholz, where Lindner stands, sensitive silence is what is not a contradiction in any case.

Next attempt, the vaccination obligation, it will be asked if the government fractions will be agreed by this majority. It is a delicate question, because if that is not possible, the so harmonious image of the traffic light coalition would get its first visible stains. But the Chancellor is prepared: It's good, says Scholz that the "from me in consultation with all my friends in the government" is now concretized on the path about the vaccination obligation now. After only one exam at a distance is already friends. But whether the friends will also agree with a vaccination requirement, which is quite a different question.

Yemen: At least 70 deaths in a typing against a prison held by the rebels

 Yemen: At least 70 deaths in a typing against a prison held by the rebels © AFP - - This image extracted from a video distributed by the media center Ansarullah on January 21, 2022 shows the destruction of a prison of Bastion Rebel Houthi of Saada, in northern Yemen, after being touched during an aerial shot doing many dead or injured. It happened in Saada in Yemen, in a region controlled by the Houthis rebels. At least 70 deaths, it is the record of an air strike on Friday, January 21 against a prison in the north of the country.

Kluges Argument and Schaler Bottery

Christian Lindner Anyway, all the deputies knows all the deputies, which are now working on applications for vaccination and on a mind. And also a good argument why the government does not submit a separate application: Due to the high conflict potential of a vaccination obligation, it should not be debated along the democratic fronts opposition and government, but from the center of Parliament. However, as he is voting, he leaves open and so his clever argument gets the bowl of taste of an excuse that the chancellor's majority could fail at the FDP.

The image of the three gentlemen from the harmonious traffic light government rises significantly from the selfie, which at the beginning of the exploration phase should announce the departure into a new time and could be seen as a promise for an era of a lively dispute culture. Annalena Baerbock, Robert Habeck, Christian Lindner and Volker Wissing, an iconic image symbolized liberal-green progress, a fresh traffic light alliance led by an experienced, feasible polished chancellor of the SPD.

The press conference recalls that the Chancellor has also promised to create a whole new policy style, instead of show, quiet, effective, worn by the common will, to get more progress. The government is not in office for 50 days and still stands out if that's what you see is genuine.

"For many customers not suitable for everyday use": Why CONTI boss Reitzle is skeptical about E cars - and does not believe that they help the climate .
of the Economic Manager and Supervisory Board Chairman of the automotive supplier "Continental AG" has in an interview with the economic magazine " manager magazine "expresses his opinion on e-cars. According to Reitzle, electric cars do not provide a significant contribution to the climate as long as the German electricity is CO2-duly. In addition, the cars for many people are not suitable for everyday use and also there are too little charging columns in Germany.

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