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US News: Anglophone Cameroon: Teachers removed while the local prefect requires the resumption of courses

The wave continues to rise to the hospital, teacher strike ... The point on coronavirus

 The wave continues to rise to the hospital, teacher strike ... The point on coronavirus New measures, new balance sheets and highlights: the point on the latest evolutions of the Pandemic of Covid-19 in the world. © SEVGI / SIPA The situation in France just over 24,000 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized on Thursday, a little less than 4,000 in critical care, according to figures published by Public Health France. The number of newly confirmed cases amounts to 305,322, 56.397 less than the day before (361.719).

The root of the ' anglophone problem' in Cameroon may be traced back to 1961, when the political elites of two territories with different colonial legacies - one French and the other British - agreed on the formation of a federal State. Gradually, this created an anglophone consciousness: the feeling of being marginalized by the francophone-dominated State. In the wake of political liberalization in the early 1990s, anglophone interests came to be represented first and foremost by various associations and pressure groups that initially demanded a return to the federal State.

This article overviews the Cameroon Anglophone educational system from the origins, through the period of Reunification with La République du Cameroun , to the present time. In the process, it highlights the issues that have pushed Anglophone lawyers and teachers to launch a series of protests that have Cameroonian pupils who used to go to Nigerian universities were compelled to register in the lone university of Yaounde, where nearly all courses were taught in French. Unlike in Nigeria and other countries where tertiary education is done in university faculties, Cameroon ―following France―set up

L'école de Kumba visée par une attaque meurtrière, le 25 octobre 2020. (Image d'illustration) © Reuters / Josiane Kouagheu The Kumba School of a deadly attack on October 25, 2020. (Image of illustration)

Five Members From the educational team of a North West high school have been removed this week in the even enclosure of their establishment. Since the beginning of the security crisis in the English-speaking majority of the Northwest and Southwest, the threats and attacks against government schools are recurrent. This one comes less than two weeks after a communiqué of the local authorities asking teachers to return to work.

In this zone, where the attacks are regular on the road, rocky and bordered and lined with dense forests, this is the first time that kidnappings take place inside an establishment. For Semma Valentine, Secretary General of the Cattu Union, this is the proof that the security situation is not under control.

CAN 2022: In Limbe-Buea, the teams think of the balloon not the bullets

 CAN 2022: In Limbe-Buea, the teams think of the balloon not the bullets © RFI / NDIASHER SAMBE A policeman, machine gun, watches on the bus from the Mauritania team in Limbe. In the CAN 2022 Group F group, the teams housed in the cities of Limbe and Buea, in the area of ​​conflict, want to focus on football. History not to be deconcentrated by the heavy security situation and scheme in these two cities in the English-speaking area of ​​Cameroon. of our special envoy to Limbe and Buea, the decor changes as a Limbe's approach.

Boundary changes in Cameroon (Based on public domain CIA map). To show how serious they are, the vast majority of the parents have kept their children at home amidst Government’s calls for return to school without the striking teachers having lifted their strike action in an acceptable manner. For several years the petroleum deposits in Victoria, baptised by Biya as Limbe, and elsewhere in the Ndian, have provided more than 60 per cent of the State budget while the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) and PAMOL plantations continue to be a source of foreign currency.

Local initiatives to promote dialogue are emerging. In July 2018, Anglophone religious leaders (Catholic, Protestant and Muslim) announced a plan to hold an Anglophone General Conference as a first step toward an inclusive national dialogue. Substantive talks between the three parties should take place in Cameroon , which would require the government to guarantee safe passage for separatist representatives. During these talks, the government should indicate its readiness to amend the Constitution in order to grant greater autonomy to the regions and develop the legal framework for decentralisation.

It denounces the attitude of the authorities: "The managers in the administrations are used to being protected by the security forces and circulate in armored vehicles, but they put pressure on the teachers to return in the Schools. But when they risk their lives and are removed, no one comes to their rescue. And if they do not go to class, they are no longer paid. So many teachers saw their suspended wages!

last month, in a report on the impact of the conflict on education, Human Rights Watch raised 700,000, the number of students deprived of tuition since 2017 in the northwest and southwest. HRW which, in its recommendations, calls separatist groups publicly announced the end of the boycott of schools in an English-speaking zone.

Cameroon: The trial of Amadou Vamoulké is accelerating .
© Amélie Tule / RFI Amadou Vamoulke and his wife before a hearing at the Yaoundé Special Criminal Tribunal. New day of hearing this Friday, January 28 in the trial of Amadou Vamoulke, in pre-trial detention for more than 2000 days. The former Director General of the CRTV, National Public Radio-Television is accused of diversion of public funds in two cases.

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