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US News: Senegal: Dakar City Hall, Major Local Elections

WHO calls for an accelerator to vaccination in Africa

 WHO calls for an accelerator to vaccination in Africa © AP - Leo Correa A caregiver member administers a dose of the Janssen vaccine against CVVID-19 at the Dakar Leopold-Sedar-Senghor Staded On July 28, 2021. The World Health Organization called on Thursday governments to intensify their immunization campaigns at an online conference. Only seven African countries have achieved WHO's goal of vaccinating 40% of their populations. In the rest of the continent, only 10% of people have been completely vaccinated. The next few months will be critical.

DAKAR - Senegal will vote for mayors and local representatives on Sunday in the first election since last year's riots, in a vote seen as a key test for President Macky Sall. The poll is also the first in the West African country since 2019, when the president won a second term. Sall has come under increasing criticism since then, facing accusations of arranging court cases against his rivals and of planning a bid for a third presidential term in 2024.

Senegal , officially the Republic of Senegal (French: République du Sénégal ; Wolof: Réewum Senegaal), is a country in West Africa.

Une affiche appelle à voter pour la candidate et maire sortante Soham El Wardini aux élections locales de Dakar, au Sénégal. © Screenshot France 24 A poster calls for voting for the candidate and outgoing Mayor Soham El Wardini in local elections of Dakar, Senegal.

Last straight line before local elections. Senegalese are called upon to the urns on Sunday to elect their mayor and the presidents of departmental counsel, during a vote that has test value for President Macky Sall and his opponents. These elections have been the first since the 2019 president which has renewed Macky Sall at the head of the country and from the troubles that shook the power in March 2021 and invigorated the opposition. A crucial issue for the capital, Dakar.

The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces

 The presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali is likely to put an end to the commitment of the European special forces meeting in Brest on 13 January 2022, the European ministers of defense and foreign affairs have sought the answer to the arrival of mercenaries Wagner group in Mali. © provided by FranceInfo while the presence of 300 to 400 Russian mercenaries of the Wagner group in Mali was confirmed by several diplomats, the Europeans present in the region, particularly through the Tabuka force, expressed their concern.

Dakar (AFP) - Residents of Senegal 's booming capital Dakar are petitioning to transform one of the city 's last blank spaces into a leafy park, hoping to beat back an ever-rising tide of concrete. But more encouraging noises have come from the local government. Dakar Mayor Soham El Wardini last month attended a film screening in support of the project, for example. And Bamba Ngom, who is in charge of parks at Dakar city hall , is also enthusiastic. "If we manage to get hold of this place and to make it a leisure park it would be wonderful," he told AFP.

Locals in Kedougou: YAW loses the battle on a call The Dakar Appeals Court has rejected Yewwi Askan wi (Yaw) appeal regarding his list in the municipality of Kedougou. Joined the phone via Liberation Online, Yaw's national mandator, Dethié Fall The Yewwi Askan Wi Coalition sent back to Diourbel municipality and departmental (Court of Appeal) With less than a prosperous Cassation, the Yewwi Askan Wi Coalition will not be racing at Diourbel (municipality and department) during local elections . The Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the administrative authority that rejected the lists.

At the end of a frequent but relatively minor clamping campaign, the consultation that will take place on Sunday, January 23, will gauge the popularity of the coalition that has been able to meet five months before the legislative and Two years before the end of the second term of Macky Sall . A major ballot for the capital Dakar, in the hands of the opposition for years.

In this electoral race for the Dakar City Hall, two favorite candidates face.

Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr, Senegalese Minister of Health and Candidate of the Presidential Coalition, plays the strategy of proximity. As with sanitary parcels, the largest election commune of the capital, where it campaign: the candidate promises a more inclusive policy, safer neighborhoods and a cleaner capital.

Mali: Former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, overthrown by the military, died

 Mali: Former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, overthrown by the military, died a year and a half after having been dismissed from power, "IBK" died of a long illness © Ludovic Marin / AP / SIPA Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta is deceased. Africa - a year and a half after being removed from the power, "IBK" died of a long illness former President Malian Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta died on Sunday in Bamako at the age of 76. "President IBK died this morning at 9 o'clock in his home" in the capital, where he lived withdrawn, away from public life, "said his family member.

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Dakar is the capital city of Senegal , located on the Cape Verde Peninsula, on the country's Atlantic coast. Its position, on the western edge of Africa (it is the westernmost African city ), is an advantageous departure point for trans-Atlantic and European trade; this fact aided its growth into a major regional port. Dakar was the capital of the short-lived Mali Federation from 1959 to 1960, after which it became the capital of Senegal . One of the New Private Universities. The Fort D'Estrees on Gorée Island, where slaves were held, auctioned, and packed onto ships, was restored by the Senegalese

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against him, Barthélémy Dias, second favorite of municipal municipal in Dakar. The sulphureux opponent appears alongside Khalifa Sall, the former fallen mayor, become ineligible after a judicial conviction. The opposition coalition putting everything on "Barth" - as the Dakarois - to preserve it The capital.

intelligent city, green spaces, cleanliness, parking ... The candidate program has its followers.

Doudou Wade, Candidate of the PDS, Party of former President Abdoulaye Wade , SOHAM El Wardini, outgoing mayor and Unique candidate woman, or pope diop, another former mayor of the city: a total of five other candidates compete for the city hall of Dakar.

Grenoble: Chahuté During a trip, Jean Castex wants to "sew the nation" .
Come to participate in an interdepartmental committee on the city, the Prime Minister has been taken over by antivax protesters and the inhabitants © / AP / SIPA The move to Grenoble was not rest for Jean Castex. protest - come to participate in an interdepartmental committee on the city, the Prime Minister was taken over by antivax protesters and the inhabitants this trip was to be placed under the sign of work and the consultation, around the theme of the city .

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