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US News: Presidential: Pécresse and Wauquiez Orchestrate their reunion

Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign

 Presidential 2022. Travel, Tractations, Desertion ... The echoes of the campaign © Archives West France, Vincent Mouchel Fabien Roussel, candidate of the Communist Party for the presidential election. Marine Le Pen will be, Friday, in the Côtes-d'Armor and Ille-et-Vilaine. Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be, Sunday, in Meeting in Nantes. Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon ... many candidates move to France, this week. Rendez-vous It was at 11:30, on Thursday, that the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo presents his presidential program.

A region president declared for 2022 - Xavier Bertrand - and two others in ambush - Valérie Pécresse and Laurent Wauquiez -, this is how we could summarize the starting line for the presidential race at LR. The presidents of Ile-de-France and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have chosen a different strategy from that of Xavier Bertrand: to ensure their re-election in their stronghold before speaking presidential . But they think about it. DECRYPTION. Xavier Bertrand is putting the turbo in for his presidential campaign. He gave an interview in. Le Point on. Thursday with his first proposals and is Sunday the guest of the.

Because with their seven re-elected regional presidents , the right and the center undoubtedly emerge strengthened from these regional elections which promised to be perilous, against a backdrop of RN danger and a hand extended by LREM. “From now on, all options are open,” confirms those around him. On July 6, Laurent Wauquiez will participate in an important political office of LR during which must be discussed … the modalities for the designation of a presidential candidate. This is the first time that the former Republican president will participate in national bodies since his resignation in June 2019.

Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier et Laurent Wauquiez à Paris, le 20 juillet 2021 © Ludovic Marine Valérie Pécresse, Michel Barnier and Laurent Wauquiez in Paris, July 20th 2021

Operation Return for Valérie Pécresse and Laurent Wauquiez, who posted their unity Friday in Haute-Loire To "win together" the presidential election, and turn your back in the past while the candidate of Republicans insists on security in his speech.

"welcome it here is a symbol of my support and full commitment alongside Valérie," said the President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region after a visit to the health house of the small town of Dunières.

"I will be fully committed to his side in this campaign because it's the only thing that interests me", he added, pointing out that "the challenge for us is the presidential election".

In visit to Athens, Pécresse boasts the Greek model on Immigration

 In visit to Athens, Pécresse boasts the Greek model on Immigration The candidate of the Republicans was Friday in Athens for Vante the action "Exemplary" of Greece in terms of immigration. © Petros Giannakouris / PA / SIPA In visit to Athens, the candidate LR to the French presidential election Valérie Pécresse boasted on Friday the action "copy" of Greece in matters of immigration, on the eve of a displacement in the Camp on the Greek Island of Samos, which she described as "model" for the border countries of the EU.

Presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse might compare herself to Angela Merkel and Margaret Thatcher, but the unappealing truth is she is more like Clinton – a figure completely entrenched in the establishment. With GE being one of the key multinational jewels in the American industrial crown, it’s not hard to imagine how, if French and American interests end up clashing at some point, a potential President Pécresse and First Monsieur Jerome might have some rather uncomfortable choices to make.

Valérie Pécresse (French pronunciation: [valeʁi pekʁɛs]; born Roux, 14 July 1967) is a French politician serving as President of the Regional Council of Île-de-France since 2015. Member of The Republicans (LR)

"We will win together, it's me who tell you," launched Valérie Pécresse, greeting "a great region of region". Laurent Wauquiez will have "a pillar role" in his campaign at the head of the elected support committee, she added to a cloud of hidden cameras to immortalize these images of Concord.

Laurent Wauquiez had already promised his commitment in an interview shortly after Ms. Pécresse's investment in December.

But this is the first time that the candidate, who had returned to Mr. Wauquiez a private visit in early December, organized with him a public exit.

Because if it has undertaken to visit each of its supports - from Eric Ciotti early December until Aurélien Pradied Wednesday - Poster with Laurent Wauquiez took a particular symbolism given the past crimson.

USA: In Meeting, Donald Trump accuses the "Washington politicians" and still claims the victory to the presidential election of 2020

 USA: In Meeting, Donald Trump accuses the more than a year after his defeat in the election of 2020, the former President of the States -Unis is still in the victim and opposing the "Washington politicians" © Robyn Beck / AFP Donald Trump in Meeting in Arizona, January 15, 2022.

I think 11,000 professional people risking their careers, livelihoods and in may cases, their families are more than halfway likely to have their playing fields rather carefully mapped out, particularly in view of the plain-as-mud-on-your-face facts that great big pieces of the judiciary have sold out and sold As much as I'd like to see these bastards crucified for their sins, I have every expectation of WWIII before we ever get a Nuremburg 2.0. Said bastards are well along with the plans, and aided by those who simply will not actually think two consecutive, coherent thoughts. Even so, I'm throwing what support I

Pecresse can potentially appeal to the centre-right voters Macron very much depends on, but will have to seek support from more conservative voters also courted by right-wing candidates. The unexpected candidacy of hard-right commentator Eric Zemmour has overturned the conventional wisdom that the Though more moderate than Ciotti, Pecresse and her rivals for the LR ticket all drifted further to the right on immigration and on law and order. She campaigned on promises to halve the number of residence permits for non-EU migrants, stiffen judicial sentences in tough neighbourhoods where

In June 2019, Ms. Pécresse had left LR by denouncing a party "padded from the inside, in his organization, but also in his ideas". She had previously worried a "narrowing" of the party then led by Mr. Wauquiez.

"It was a real detestation," remembers a support from the candidate, "she found it incarnated a radical right, too clevy."

Friday, Laurent Wauquéz Hammered: Valérie Pécresse "made a very important startup of campaign that consisted of turning the pages of the past".

often seen as a carrier of a liberal vision on the right, the free founder! however, heard in his campaign a very firm tone on the treat, alongside Eric Ciotti.

- "Star" -

Speaking of "restoring French pride", promising to intensify the "Charters" of undocumented or "out of the karcher" against offenders, it also displays its will to upgrade the work.

"On the bottom, it is exactly on the laurent line Wauquiez two years ago, it is welcome in the entourage of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

United States. Joe Biden's electoral reform buried by the Senate

 United States. Joe Biden's electoral reform buried by the Senate © Mandel Ngan / AFP Joe Biden did not pass his bet. Republican senators blocked his reform the vote of senators. Republican senators blocked Wednesday the adoption of a draft law wanted by the President of the United States, intended to reform the vote within the Senate and to advance most of its laws. senators inflicted a lapel screwed to Joe Biden on Wednesday by burying his great electoral reform with which the president promised to protect access to African-American urns.

Wauquiez 's little kingdom. Whilst the platinum-dye man may have made innumerable enemies at the national level, he is veritably beloved by the standards of 21st century French politicians within his department. Whilst he has drawn a fairly respectable opponent to his left, second round polling shows the combined left + En Marche is within the margin of error for beating Wauquiez , and that's making the rather bold (but not entirely impossible) assumption that En Marche would pull out of the second round and National Rally will stay in. Expect Wauquiez under any circumstances to cruise to re-election.

If Mr. Wauquiez, who resigned from the head of LR in 2019, gave up to the presidential election 2022, he keeps a particular status in the party.

"For activists, it is the star, at the beginning of the youth he did not even have to open his mouth that it was riot," remembers a support from Ms. Pécresse.

has three months of the presidential election, while the right finally has a chance to access the second round, Laurent Wauquiez "has also interest to show that he wants to play collective, while he has always been seen as personal. And He knows that after ten years in the opposition, if we still lose, the political family explodes, "adds this support.

For Valérie Pécresse, it is a question of gathering the most widely possible, before a day on Saturday dedicated to the centrists and the UDI.

"we need the urban, liberal, rather European right, close to people gone at Macron but who can come back, and from the right bonapartist, patriot, rooted, skilled sometimes on the right hand, that Laurent Wauquiez embodies, and who neighbor With people gone at Zemmour, even Le Pen, "says another support from the candidate.

starting his visit Friday by the health house, Ms. Pécresse has grown proposals: "Less paperwork and bureaucracy", "liberalize the cumul job-pensions", send "4,000 young doctors" in areas under-endowed at the End of their studies ...

She then had, always accompanied by Mr. Wauquiez, visit the Cathedral of Puy-en-Velay before a public meeting around 15:00.


Grenoble: Chahuté During a trip, Jean Castex wants to "sew the nation" .
Come to participate in an interdepartmental committee on the city, the Prime Minister has been taken over by antivax protesters and the inhabitants © / AP / SIPA The move to Grenoble was not rest for Jean Castex. protest - come to participate in an interdepartmental committee on the city, the Prime Minister was taken over by antivax protesters and the inhabitants this trip was to be placed under the sign of work and the consultation, around the theme of the city .

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