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US News: Krösch clear words: "This is not a mentality or character theme"

The EU supports Lithuania in the conflict which opposes it to China for Taiwan

 The EU supports Lithuania in the conflict which opposes it to China for Taiwan The diplomatic rapprochement between the Baltic country and the archipelago provoked the anger of Beijing which responded by commercial restrictions. View on Euronews © Mark Schiefelbein / The Associated Press The EU supports Lithuania facing China. The 27 defend their partner, a member of the European club, engaged in an political and commercial battle with Beijing about Taiwan. The support of Vilnius towards Taipei has provoked the anger of the Chinese authorities.

in the back inconsistent and inefficient: At the 0: 2 against Arminia Bielefeld, the Eintracht revealed many deficits, which had already stepped in the first two backlay games. Trainer Oliver Glasner and sports board Markus Kröse find clear words.

Empfand die Niederlage als vermeidbar: Markus Krösche. © Imago Images / Jan Hebner found the defeat as avoidable: Markus Krösche.

Frankfurt reveals against Bielefeld again two major deficits

The great euphoria from the pre-Christmas time in Frankfurt is once again cast again. Six games had recovered the entrance of the 11th to the 17th matchday, only lost at the TSG Hoffenheim. Christmas celebrated the Hesse as a table sights, the fourth Bayer Leverkusen just had a counterpart. But at the latest with the deserved home defeat against Bielefeld, it is clear that Eintracht could not take the momentum with the new year.

warships "for robust defense" against Russia: Ukraine presents concrete weapons receivables to Germany

 warships The repeated cancellation of the Federal Government irritates Ukraine. Nevertheless, the ambassador defines. Also within the traffic light are doubts on no. © Photo: Sina Schult / dpa The frigate "Hamburg" in an Irini use of the EU in front of the coast of Libya in 2020. Ukraine does not loose after the clear NO of the Federal Government to Weapon Sagers .

"Totally unnecessary"

problems there is ahead as back. "We generally did not defend well. That's a bit throughout the last few weeks. We do not put the last consequence on the day and make life difficult," Moving Krösche. The sports board speaks of a "totally unnecessary defeat" and grumbles: "That's extremely annoying. It is our claim to win against Bielefeld at home."

The two early goals, which were favored by "bumbled" (Glasner) defensive behavior, moved the Eintracht the tooth. GLASNER annoyed themselves above all about the "safety distance" to the opponent, which his players on the outer rail held a different time. In front of the 0: 1, Evan Ndicka and Filip Kostic defended against Alessandro's pissing near the outside line, not at all. After his passport to the center missed against Janni Serra's access, and last but not least Timothy Chandler's clarification trial was too short. The Kevin Trapp hurrying out of the box could not save nothing against Patrick Wimmer.

Most Wanted Criminals (TF1): Julian McMahon (Jess Lacroix) leaves the series after 3 seasons!

 Most Wanted Criminals (TF1): Julian McMahon (Jess Lacroix) leaves the series after 3 seasons! © CBS Most Wanted Criminals (TF1): Julian McMahon (Jess Lacroix) leaves the series after 3 seasons! Julian McMahon (known for his roles in Charmed and NIP / Tuck) announced his departure from the American series Most Wanted Criminals. He embodied during three seasons the FBI Supervision Officer Jess Lacroix.

A Years Problem

Also 0: 2 was a prime example of how to defend: Schöpf could fit from the center to the outside of the wimmer tracked by Kostic too late, whose brilliant crossed by Sebastian Rode with the scroll run by Sebastian Rode Chest in the net. "We just have to defend the outside consistent. This is a topic that runs out like a red thread - not only this season, but also in the seasons before. We take the guys in the duty that they improve that", Grantelt Glasner. Kröse sees "no mentality or character theme", but stresses: "Especially we always have to be at 100 percent to gain games. We have to raise again."

Despite the early goals, Eintracht would not have left the place as a loser. At the front there was enough opportunities to achieve at least two goals. The best options forgave Jesper Lindström (16th) as well as twice Rafael Borré (35th, 90. + 3). This shortcoming is not a new phenomenon in the still young second half. Against Dortmund (2: 3) Lindström sustained the score of 2: 0 the third goal, similar to Augsburg (1: 1). "At the period before Christmas, we put the efficiency on the day that Bielefeld had. Just a lack of efficiently. We had much more clear scoring chances than in the last game of the year against Mainz, which we won 1: 0 to have."

However, the worry folds in the Frankfurttern are not yet great. "I would worry much more if we did not play a chance of chances," says Captain Rode. Also, his coach appeased: "I'm not troubled at all because I have seen that the boys have tried everything." In fact, there is no reason for alarmism. The senses should now be sharpened. Otherwise, the trend turn could also be missed at the coming game in Stuttgart.

Different views: SPD politicians advise on attitude in Ukraine crisis .
If someone always says a thing is completely clear, suggesting that there may be a few uncertainties. At the invitation of SPD boss Lars Klingbeil, leading politicians of the party to the Monday afternoon have come together with confidential consultations about Ukraine crisis. "There we are completely clear," said Klingbeil in advance in the ARD morning magazine. "The escalation goes out of Russia. We are completely clear that all options are on the table.

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