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US News: "It's not going at all ...": Vianney bought, apologize to his fans

Berlin medicine: The clinic staff "can not"

 Berlin medicine: The clinic staff "we have already shifted almost all sliding treatments. That will continue. And this wave, which comes now, is hardly comparable to the past waves, "said Weimann, who coordinates the Save Berlin network in which the Berlin and Brandenburg intensive stations are represented. © Provided by Berliner Zeitung "Now we are intensive care from home but rather pessimists and prepare us in the worst," said Weimann. Seriously, do not say how bad it will.

“Ça va pas du tout...” : Vianney embêté, s’excuse auprès de ses fans © Alexandre Fumeron / Bestimage "It's not going at all ...": Vianney bought, apologize to his Fans because of its many projects, Vianney is less and less present on social networks and no longer gives a lot of news to its fans. He apologized for Instagram.

An child and a new season of The Voice , difficult to know which of these two new occupations is the most chronophagous for Vianney. Still that singer not there no longer has a second for him . If he was very active on his Instagram account, his fans no longer had a lot of new publications to put themselves under the tooth. Vianney realized it and wanted to apologize to its 638,000 subscribers , in Story.

Bank Place After Farewell Announcement: Gladbach fans celebrate Ginter degradation

 Bank Place After Farewell Announcement: Gladbach fans celebrate Ginter degradation © Provided by 90min Matthias Hangst / Gettyimages Borussia Mönchengladbach reacted lightning fast to the farewell announcement of Matthias Ginter and recently committed Marvin Friedrich, which today against Bayer Leverkusen directly debut in Bayer Leverkusen The starting element can celebrate. The winter newcomer thus also displaces the previous defense chief. For the amazement of many fans, Ginter was listed only as a bank player on the Game Daybow.

"Hi friends, it's not at all. I am zero , he had confessed from behind the scenes of the Plateau de The Voice. On the networks, I do not put anything right now, it's been weeks that I do not put anything. I'm sorry, I hope you do not want me. I have a lot of work at home, at the studio and here in The Voice. We are registering the duets. "

An early year in charge of

to 30 years, Vianney no longer stops. While he just worked on a tour around France, he also has to celebrate the three months of his son , that he had with his wife, Catherine Robert. In recent weeks, he has also found the Plateau de The Voice, to record the eleventh season, alongside Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine, Florent Pagny and a new coming, Nolwenn Leroy , who will settle for the First time in the coach chair, without the knowledge of his four comrades.

Mac Miller: What is the rapper died at 26?

 Mac Miller: What is the rapper died at 26? © Lionel Urman / Bestimage Mac Miller: What is the rapper died at 26? On September 7, 2018, Mac Miller found death. The rapper would have 30 years ago on Wednesday, January 19th. How did it happen ? Return on the circumstances of his death. The old old deception of Ariana Grande should have celebrated his 30th anniversary on Wednesday, January 19 if he had not lost his life at the age of 26. Mac Miller had been found dead , at his home of San Fernando, September 7, 2018.

This new rule will allow the clock to renew itself. In this hidden piece, Nolwenn Leroy will follow the registration of the blind hearing, and will have the possibility of buzzer to form his own team of four talents only. The coach will only have the possibility of recovering the talents eliminated by his comrades. Finally, another novelty this season, more K.O but directly from the cross-bats and Super Cross-Battle , which will allow candidates to reach the semifinal.

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Gold Prize: Dollar Strength presses crisis protection under the brand of 1,800 dollars .
The gold price threatens with minus two percent the weakest trade week since November. The main responsibility for this is the rise of the dollar index to the highest level since June 2020. © Provided by ASIF Hassan / AFP / Getty Images by Jörg Bernhard According to a Reuters survey under analysts, the gold price in this and in the Due to increasing opportunity costs (interest-oriented) due to increasing opportunity costs.

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