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US News: Ukraine: Confirmed meeting between Russian and British Defense Ministers

Ukraine: Despite a week of negotiations between Russia and the United States, the peace always threatened

 Ukraine: Despite a week of negotiations between Russia and the United States, the peace always threatened © AFP The Russian Minister of Foreign Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov is now waiting for a written answer to the demands of his country. A week of talks between the United States and Russia have not allowed to appease the lively crystallized tensions around Ukraine.

Le ministre russe de la Défense Sergueï Choïgou a accepté de rencontrer som homologue britannique Ben Wallace, à Moscou. Ici, lors d'une conférence de presse à Rome, le 18 février 2020. © - Andrew Medichini The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou has agreed to meet Som British homologis Ben Wallace, Moscow. Here, at a press conference in Rome, February 18, 2020.

While the pressure remains live at the Russian-Ukrainian border, diplomatic initiatives continue. In the aftermath of the Geneva meeting between the heads of the Russian and American diplomacy, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Choïgou accepted Saturday, January 22 to meet his British counterpart, Ben Wallace, Moscow. The details of the meeting have not yet been communicated.

The last bilateral meeting at this level dates back to 2013. The relations between Moscow and London are strongly degraded since the Polonium Assassination of the former Russian agent Alexandre Litvinenko in 2006, and the attempted poisoning at the Novitchok of Serguei Skripal And his daughter , 12 years later.

Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military)

 Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? - Deploying Russian soldiers in Belarus - sending British weapons to Ukraine ⚠️ Faced with the risk of armed conflict, diplomats are working to attempt to reconnect a dialogue between Russians and Western. © Hannibal Hanschke / Pool via AP - Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service via AP Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO (to g.), Russian military convoy in Crimea (center), Se

But facing the fear of a Russian invasion in Ukraine , it was urgent to recover. British side, the wish to explore "all tracks to achieve the stability and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis".

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in its written response at the invitation of its British counterpart Sergei Choïgou emphasizes that a "recovery of contacts in a spirit of goodwill between Russia and the United Kingdom will contribute to reducing tensions in Europe."

Recently, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that any offensive that Russia would lead against Ukraine would be disastrous, not only for Russia, but also for the whole world.

warships "for robust defense" against Russia: Ukraine presents concrete weapons receivables to Germany

 warships The repeated cancellation of the Federal Government irritates Ukraine. Nevertheless, the ambassador defines. Also within the traffic light are doubts on no. © Photo: Sina Schult / dpa The frigate "Hamburg" in an Irini use of the EU in front of the coast of Libya in 2020. Ukraine does not loose after the clear NO of the Federal Government to Weapon Sagers .

The United Kingdom will provide "light and anti-tank defensive weapons systems" to Ukraine, non-strategic weapons and "represent no threat to Russia", according to the British Secretary of Defense. In front of the House of Commons, Ben Wallace said that a small number of British forces staff would travel to Ukraine to provide training to Ukrainian military. No question, on the other hand, to rock the Ukraine of "false hope": London, he warned, will not send troops in Ukraine.

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crisis in Ukraine. The US Embassy urges its citizens "to consider from now on" .
© Sergey Dolzhenko / EPA / Maxppp The American Embassy in Kiev. The American Embassy in Kiev called on Wednesday, January 26, his nationals to stand ready. Tensions between Western and Russians have greatly increased in recent days on the thorny subject of Ukraine. The American Embassy to Kiev a "Exhorted" Wednesday, January 26 The American citizens lying in Ukraine to leave the country without delay, in full tensions between Westerners and Russia about Ukraine .

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