US News: Baumgart gives to: his boys hang the last time "in the bones"

pregnant, Vitaa gives from his news after taking the COVID

 pregnant, Vitaa gives from his news after taking the COVID © Laurent Benhamou / SIPA Pregnant, Vitaa gives his news after having contracted the VITA Vita, pregnant, contracted the CVIV-19. The singer goes better and she can reassure fans on her Instagram account. The virus has left some traces on his body and confides on the symptoms that still bother her. A page that turns or almost. The year 2022 announced a good augur with the arrival of his third child , fruit of his love with his husband Hicham Bendaoud .

also if the 1st FC Cologne has led on Saturday night for a long time with 2: 1 at VfL Bochum, coach Steffen Baumgart with the 2: 2 at the end satisfied. Especially because the tank of his players should be a bit empty.

Hat mit seinem Kölner Team nun zwei Wochen Zeit, um Kraftreserven wieder aufzufüllen: Steffen Baumgart. © Imago Images / Revierfoto has two weeks with his Cologne team to replenish force reserves: Steffen Baumgart.

Cologne coach shows up with the 2: 2 satisfied

Steffen Baumgart once again embodied a typical Steffen Baumgart. The coach of the 1st FC Cologne presented itself in the final phase Agile on the sideline, gave out a number of instructions in the final minutes, in the meantime, during the guest play in Bochum, was friendly with his opposite Thomas rice - and fired on the lawn.

Meré-Replacement: Cologne, Chabot in Visor

 Meré-Replacement: Cologne, Chabot in Visor Da Jorge Meré at the 1st FC Cologne stands immediately before the finish, a new central defender must come from. Julian Chabot is currently the hottest candidate. © Provided by 90min Julian Chabot | Nicolò Campo / GettyImages The change from Jorge Meré to Club America is only Formsache . According to the GBK, the 1st FC Cologne not only saves a million content, but also receives a transfer in the high six-digit area, which can cross the seven-digit area by success-dependent bonus payments.

Immediately after speed, the 50-year-old, which completed the football teacher course together with rice, Florian Kohfeldt or Marco Rose, was satisfied with the performance of his team in 2015. Also about the in the end 2: 1 leadership, Baumgart liked to see how he told in conversation with "Sky", "I may even go a bit more satisfied with the point home, even if we have led. Because you have led Has noticed that the boys hang the last time so a bit in the bones. "

The Coach of the Domstädter, who had collected the discarded water bottle in the rest of themselves and cleaned up, thus playing on the intensive weeks including the Cup fighter during the week against second division HSV (3: 4 in penalty shooting) and added with his statement : "We did not think so today so the freshness in the bones that you can say: 'The thing here you have to pull'. That's fine." Zusal Cologne with the point the current place under the top 8 of the Bundesliga strengthened.

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"We should be modest and humble"

also a too high expectation in the environment knew Baumgart to address: "My guys were tired and broken, but they worked well. How to know, you are quickly dissatisfied with a point in Cologne. But I believe, we should be modest and humble. " The points could be "friendly sharply," also found Bochum coach rice. "That's okay." Even though it had been "not impossible" for his protégés, which had had more opportunities at the end of the day, "to win this game".

Varnish shows itself directly as a new number 1

The man who knew the quite possible 3: 2 of the Bochumer was in any case "Effzeh" Keeper Marvin Schwäbe, who was only part of his coach until the week after the week 1 and thus to the successor of Timo Horn was installed. Schwäbe kept a few burn-threatening conclusions of VfL kickers as Gerrit Holtmann strong - and also asked the questions after the game. "Of course, that confirms that a bit of the performance I've brought," said the backman in the summer of Bröndby. "I'm glad that the rash has gone in my direction." Poison arrows between him and the long-standing tribal force Horn are not existent: "We can handle quite well and normally."

"It scares me this company": Pascal Praud goes to the niche to defend the non-vaccinated .
© screenshot "The listeners have the floor" - RTL "It scares me this company": Pascal Praud Monte To the niche to defend the non-vaccinated at the microphone of RTL, this Thursday, January 27, Pascaul Praud has openly criticized the words of Martin Hirsch on the paying charge of the non-vaccinated. Faced with an auditor, sharing the opinion of the Director of the AP-HP, the facilitator claimed the freedom of each. The words of Martin Hirsch have not finished running ink.

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