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US News: A Aubervilliers, Hidalgo responds to the "prophets of misfortune" who would like it "resigns"

Slee says no to the Saudi-million

 Slee says no to the Saudi-million into the contractuals between Niklas Süle and FC Bayern continues to be no ride. The future-free-free international player can imagine a change - but an option is very likely away. © Provided by SELE says no to the Saudi-Million the next, please! After the contract extension with Kingsley Coman , FC Bayern wants to make nails with heads with SERGE Gnabry. In the case of Niklas Süle, however, no decision is still in sight.

Ricardo called " prophets of misfortune " all those who cast doubt on the team's stability. "All attempts to break the great union, the harmony and the climate we share will fail," he warned. On Thursday, defender Fernando Meira and striker Hugo Almeida, had expressed similar views. Midfielder Deco returned to the Portugal camp at lunchtime Friday, after leaving for Barcelona on Thursday with permission from Portuguese football authorities. "I went to deal with personal matters, not to negotiate my future," Deco said as he returned to the Hotel Beau-Rivage in the Swiss town of Neuchatel.

has the trouble in the polls, Anne Hidalgo does not intend to give up the race to the Elysée.

  A Aubervilliers, Hidalgo répond aux «prophètes de malheur» qui voudraient qu'elle «se résigne» © Mylene deroche /

"In your dreams!". It is by these words that the Socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo replied, Saturday at a meeting in Aubervilliers, to the "prophets of misfortune" who would like it "resigns himself before the difficulty" of the presidential campaign and abandoned .

has the trouble in the polls, which give it between 2% and 4% of the voting intentions, Anne Hidalgo went to the offensive, facing "an incredible coalition (which) established to declare this election Played in advance, "she explained in front of more than a thousand activists in Aubervilliers. "They all started, to rule out (...) and whistle the end of the match even before the kickoff", she denounced, evoking "their dream" of an "election without Socialists ".

Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions Gets the broadcast rights

 Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions Gets the broadcast rights © JPDN / SIPA Paralympic Games of Paris 2024: France Télévisions obtains the broadcast rights France Télévisions has just won the broadcast rights of the next Paralympic Games, which will take place from August 24 to September 8, 2024, in Paris. The news has been formalized on Monday, January 17th. In an interview with the Paris , Delphine Ernotte , president of France Télévisions, announced the acquisition of the clear broadcast rights of the Paris Paralympic Games in 2024.

According to her, "the conservative vindictive choir, joined the voices of a part of the left, who claims to fight the right but dreams mainly of the disappearance of social democracy", an accusation already formulated against France unsuitable Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

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Faced with "preservatives of all-hair" and "populists of all plumage", it has attached to restore the image of its party, defending " These socialists who beat them so often (...), dare want to govern, dare to extend the rights of the exploited ".

Video: Taubira potential candidacy: "I do not want to add ridiculous situation," says Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Le Figaro)

she recalled the great reforms led by the PS, From the abolition of the death penalty at 35 hours and the fifth week of leave, passing through "minimum income", the marriage for all or the Paris Agreement on the climate. "So let's give up? (...) Are we going to let our France sink into the throbing of ever more violent liberalism with the middle classes and the popular categories, with youth, or sink into a mortiferous national-populism ? " "Never", she shouted.

Presidential 2022. 114 Artists call to vote at the popular primary

 Presidential 2022. 114 Artists call to vote at the popular primary © Reuters Archives The actress Juliette Binoche at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, the 17th but 2017. More than one hundred personalities of the world of culture, including the world. Actress Juliette Binoche, call citizens to support the initiative of popular primary, in a tribune published in "Inrock", Thursday, January 20th.

"I'm not afraid"

without evoking the popular primary, to which she refuses to participate, she recalled having claimed an "honest debate, open, limpid" with his left-wing competitors, but "they refused it " "The page is turned, I will defend our project, the French will decide," she added, before sure: "I'm not afraid".

Declining the main measures of its program submitted last week, it defended its proposal to increase the SMIC by 15%, "a measure of justice" and "an economic necessity".

She deployed her proposals for school, youth, health, housing, or old age, who "was to be a social marker of the Fifth Macron, she was ironing, but" there is No social marker ". In climate field, she defended" massive public investments "to finance the choice of renewable energies, a" paying third renovation "for housing, or" the conditioning of all public aid to companies At the commitment of a strict respect of social and environmental criteria ".

" We want a just ecology "

" We do not just want ecology. We want a fair ecology, "she insisted.

Faced with the democratic challenge, she recalled her willingness to set up the referendum of citizens' initiative, and has long highlighted culture," this powerful lever of Collective life ".

" I feel unfortunately that it does not hang on, "said Jean-Pierre Leclerc, activist and retired 72 years old." I do not have the answers, but I am a little sad relative to the time when I had supported Mr. François Hollande ".

garbage bins: the scoring strikes despite the order to unlock the Garages .
the Tribunal ordered the lifting of strike stakes at the garages and transfers centers, but the service is not close to normally resume © Christophe Simon / AFP The garbage can continue to accumulate in the streets of Marseille.

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