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US News: Legislation in North Cyprus on Economic Crisis background

biden risks a fattening failure on its vast electoral reform

 biden risks a fattening failure on its vast electoral reform © AFP J OE biden, which already had to bury its promise of great renewal of the American welfare state, now risks to fail a vast electoral reform protecting the Access to African-American vote, after a Democratic Senator on the decisive vote was Thursday across his way. The Democratic President joined little after 13:00 (18:00 GMT) the elected officials of his camp in Senate , to rally around his project.

  Législatives à Chypre-Nord sur fond de crise économique © AFP

Q UELQUE 204.000 Voters are called to the URNES Sunday for anticipated legislative laws in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus North (NRT), at the end of a campaign dominated by The economic crisis that strikes this territory recognized solely by Ankara and occupying a third of the Mediterranean island.

The fall of the Turkish book, which has seen its value melt of 44% against the dollar in 2021, has resulted in the self-proclaimed Republic under Turkish infusion by a spectacular outbreak of prices, the inflation having exceeded 46% on a year in December.

Cypriotes-Turks must elect from 08:00 (06:00 GMT) 50 deputies in six constituencies by proportional voting. Provisional results are expected at the latest Monday.

son-in-law from Kazakhstan's Ex-President as a chief of entrepreneurial chamber

 son-in-law from Kazakhstan's Ex-President as a chief of entrepreneurial chamber Around two weeks after the violent protests in Kazakhstan, another son-in-law of the Kazakh Ex-President Nursultan Nazarbajev resigned from a senior economic item. The 55-year Timur Kulibajev declared his resignation on Monday as Chairman of the Bureau of the National Entrepreneur Chamber Atameken. Kulibajev is married to Dinara Kulibajewa, the middle daughter of Kazakhstan's former head of state. He is considered one of the richest men Kazakhstan.

"The election campaign has not aroused as much energy and enthusiasm as in the previous elections in Cyprus North, being primarily concerned about their health, safety and living conditions," have judged the political polishes. Ahmet Sözen and Devrim Sahin in a note published by the Italian Think Group Ispi.

During the 2020 presidential in RTCN won by the Nationalist Ersin Tatar, Near Allied Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , facing the outgoing Mustafa Akinci, a supporter of a reunification of the island in the form of a Federal State, Erdogan had been accused of interference.

For Sunday vote, " Turkey will not need to play an active role in changing the course of this election," judge the two political polishes.

"nothing will change"

according to polls, the Party of the National Unity (UBP, Right Nationalist), favorable to a solution to two states, should maintain its rank of first political force in the Parliament of North Cyprus, where it Occupies 21 seats, in front of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP, Left), favorable to settlement with Cypriots-Greek.

Lead 1-Ukrainian Crisis-Meeting Friday in Geneva Between Blinken and Lavrov

 Lead 1-Ukrainian Crisis-Meeting Friday in Geneva Between Blinken and Lavrov Ukraine-crisis / USA-Russia (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Ukrainian crisis-meeting Friday in Geneva between Blinken and Lavrov * Head of US diplomacy expected in Kiev Wednesday * Discussions between European representatives and Russians * Berlin could stop North Stream 2 in case of attack against Ukraine * NATO proposes to Moscow additional meetings (updated all the way ; Photo / TV available) by Susan Heavey and Sabine Siebold Washington / Berlin, January 18 (Reuters) - The Head of American Dipl

The debate on the resolution of the Cypriot conflict has not emerged during the campaign, but a part of the forces of the left partisan of a federal solution have called up to boycott the poll, the Party of Unified Cyprus (BKP) considering in particular that "Nothing will change" as long as the Cypriot-Turkish community will not be "released from Ankara yoke".

Since the invasion of Northern Cyprus by the Turkish army in 1974 in response to a coup d'etat by Cypriotes-Greek nationalists who wanted to attach the Mediterranean island to the Greece , the Republic of Cyprus , Member From the EU since 2004, is divided in two. The Cypriot government has only exercised its authority on the southern part of the island, inhabited by the majority by Cypriotes-Greeks.

The northern part, where Turkish Cypriots and Turkish settlers live, was self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (RTCN) in 1983, and its authorities are only recognized by Ankara.

Negotiations on a settlement of the conflict have been neutrated since 2017. In April 2021, an attempt to revitalize the talks organized by the UN , which controls a buffer zone between the two parts of the island. Stole from a failure.

In 2004, a UN plan to reunify the island had been subjected to referendum. Approved at almost 65% by Cypriotes-Turkish, the agreement had been rejected more than 75% by Greek Cypriots in the South.

23/01/2022 09:05:08 - Nicosia (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

Different views: SPD politicians advise on attitude in Ukraine crisis .
If someone always says a thing is completely clear, suggesting that there may be a few uncertainties. At the invitation of SPD boss Lars Klingbeil, leading politicians of the party to the Monday afternoon have come together with confidential consultations about Ukraine crisis. "There we are completely clear," said Klingbeil in advance in the ARD morning magazine. "The escalation goes out of Russia. We are completely clear that all options are on the table.

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