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US News: The leader of the German Navy resigns after his remarks on Russia and Vladimir Putin

cold gas, cold war

 cold gas, cold war of dealing with Russia and its aggressive foreign policy represents the west of problems. NATO and EU can not ignore provocations and human rights violations, but they need Putin to solve multiple crisis worldwide. © Fred Tanneau The EU Foreign Ministers extended in Brest economic sanctions against Russia by six months, as Moscow does not fulfill its obligations from the Ukraine Peace Agreement with Russia is currently not working. But without it is not.

Vice-Admiral Schönbach, Chief of the German Navy, said Putin deserved respect and that the West needed Russia as allied. Against the true threat: China. He resigned in the wake of his controversial remarks. View on euronews

  Le chef de la marine allemande démissionne après ses propos sur la Russie et Vladimir Poutine © Efrem Lukatsky / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The proof of force continues between Russia and the West, on land, Ukraine. The United States sent military aid to Kiev, including ammunition, while the threat of a Russian invasion still weighs. In exchange for a de-escalation, Moscow wants guarantees: that Ukraine never part of NATO.

According to the American president, invading Ukraine would be a "disaster for Russia". Joe Biden commented on the Tweet of the Head of British diplomacy that accuses Russia to want to install a pro-Russian in Kiev. The Russian secret services would indeed be in contact with Ukrainian politicians, says London.

A man on the other hand militates for a rapprochement with Moscow. It's the leader of the German Navy. Vice-Admiral Schönbach claimed that Putin deserved respect and that the West needs Russia as allied against the true threat: China. He resigned in the wake of his controversial remarks.

Meanwhile, Russia sends its soldiers to Belarus for a common military exercise that is also clearly a demonstration of force on the border with Ukraine.

from Historical Responsibility: Lace Diplomat Heusgen demands German weapons deliveries to Ukraine .
Germany export because of the Nazi crimes "State-of-the-art submarines to Israel". For the same reason, there must be weapons to the Ukrainian government. © Photo: DPA / Luiz Rampeletto Former Merkel consultant and UN Ambassador: Christoph Heusgen. The Future Head of the Munich Security Conference and Former German UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen has spoken out for German weapons deliveries to Ukraine .

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