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US News: Presidential election in Italy: Designation of a successor to Sergio Mattartella

Jean-Luc Mélenchon invites his activists to an "immersive" meeting in Nantes

 Jean-Luc Mélenchon invites his activists to an "Visual Stimuli", "His Spatialized", "Natural Perfumes": The next meeting of the candidate of France unsuitable for the presidential election reserves his lot technological innovations, before the return of the holograms on April 5th. © Provided by the world Jean-Luc Melenchon Exponant visit on the eve of his meeting, January 15, 2022. Jean-Luc Mélenchon tries a new experiment, in the line of his meetings in holograms of the 2017 campaign.

in Italy, the election on Monday of a new President of the Republic, who will succeed Sergio Mattartallla. The current Prime Minister Mario Draghi is a favorite.

Archives : le Premier ministre italien Mario Draghi prononce un discours à la Chambre des députés à Rome (Italie), le 26/04/2021 © Alberto Pizzoli / Pool via AP Archives: The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi pronounces a speech in the House of Deputies in Rome (Italy), 26/04/2021

in Italy, the election this Monday of a new President of the Republic, who will succeed Sergio Mattella. The current Prime Minister Mario Draghi is a favorite.

who to succeed Sergio MattartaLla ? The mandate of the current Italian president is coming to an end.

The presidential election opens this Monday in Rome.

Italy: Berlusconi imposes itself

 Italy: Berlusconi imposes itself Did he chances on the Presidency? Italy's rights officially sends their old padron into the race - under a condition. © Riccardo Antimiani / AP Silvio Berlusconi wants to compete in the presidential election. Berlusconi imposes itself Again, everyone is talking about Silvio Berlusconi. Whatever one year 85 from Milan's media entrepreneur and four-time Italian Prime Minister holds: He has the gift of always playing to the center of political events.

At 80, Sergio Mattarella indicated that he would not brighed a new mandate. It is a tradition in Italy: the presidents generally perform only one term.

The favorite, to replace it, it is Mario Draghi , the former head of the European Central Bank. 74, he heads a national unity government, which makes him, a pretty consensual personality. But if he is elected president, will ask himself the question of who to replace him as Prime Minister.

For its part, Silvio Berlusconi has, a time, caressed the idea of ​​being president of the republic, an honorary position, ideal for a good career. But he gave up Saturday to his candidacy. His health problems may not be foreign.

Presidential in Italy: Silvio Berlusconi withdraws its candidate Indirect voter

The presidential election, which opens this Monday, only concerns the members of the two Chambers of Parliament (630 MPs and 315 senators) and regional representatives.

To be elected, you have to get two-thirds of the voices. If no candidate is elected in the first three rounds, then we must win the absolute majority to the following towers.

The vote taking place with secret ballots, the outcome of the vote is often difficult to predict.

The President of the Italian Republic is elected for a term of seven years.

Lead 1-Italy-Presidential Always in the stalemate, the tension Monte .
Italy-Politics / President (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Italy-The Presidential Still in the stalemate, the tension Monte (Updated with fourth round) by Angelo Amante and Crispian Balmer Rome, 27 January (Reuters) - The fourth ballot for the election of the President of the Italian Republic has given Thursday no results, like the three The first, the negotiations between the different political forces to bring out an unsuccessful compromise solution, at the risk of undermining the cohesion of the

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