US News: Cuba: arrest of the dissenting movement "The ladies in white"

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  Cuba: arrestation de la dirigeante du mouvement dissident © AFP

B Erta Soler, leader of the Cuban dissenting movement Damascus of Blanco (the ladies in white), was arrested Sunday in Havana, so That two other women of this movement, AFP has indicated his husband, the former political prisoner Angel Moya.

"They were arrested approximately at 11:00, when they were preparing to go to Santa Rita," the church of the Miramar district where they usually attend Mass, "he explained.

They had then planned to scroll in the center of the Cuban capital to seek the release of the political prisoners of the island.

In addition to Ms. Soleer, were arrested by Lourdes Esquivel and Gladys Capote police officers, two members of the Movement, as well as Barbara Ferrat, Jonathan Torres's mother, a 17-year-old arrested on July 11, 2021 during the big marches of Protest, and still waiting to be judged, again said Mr. Moya.

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with the cries of "freedom" and "we are hungry", thousands of people had shown on July 11 in nearly 50 Cuban cities. A person had been killed and dozens injured during these events.Some 1.277 people had also been arrested, of whom 727 are still in prison, according to the Curbaex Human Rights Organization. Many of these detainees have been tried in recent weeks.

Moya, one of the 75 political prisoners arrested during the "Black Spring" of 2003, said that "as usual", the police had not told him where his wife and the other women arrested.

The Embassy of the United States in Cuba condemned these arrests. "The Cuban Plan should stop intimidating the activists and mothers concerned. We ask for their immediate release and we support them, and all the other political prisoners in Cuba," said the Embassy on his Twitter account.

The opposition is not legal in Cuba and the dissdes, frequently decided for short periods of time, are considered as mercenaries on the balance of the United States.

24/01/2022 01:47:20 - The Havana (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

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