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US News: Emirates: Two missiles thrown by the Yemeni Rebels Intercepted

Yemen: The Houthis rebels refuse to release the emirien

 Yemen: The Houthis rebels refuse to release the emirien © Reuters / Abduljabbar Zeyad Hodeida is a strategic city, as its port is the point of entry of three-quarters of international humanitarian aid that arrives in Yemen. In Yemen, the Houthis rejected Saturday, January 15 a call from the UN Security Council demanding the "immediate release" of a vessel flying emirien. The boat had been seized at the Red Sea on January 3 off the port of Hodeida, controlled by the rebels. with our correspondent in Dubai, Nicolas Keraudren The call has no effect.

Abou Dhabi © Giuseppe Caciace / AFP Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting the capital Abu Dhabi, announced Monday the Ministry of Defense , attributing this attack to the Houthis rebels at Yemen . "This attack did not make a victim, and the remains of the intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles dropped in different places of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi," said the department in a statement.

These missiles were launched "by the Houthi terrorist group towards the country," he said. The Emirates are part of a military coalition led by the Saudi Arabia

, which since 2015, the Government of Yemen against the Houthi supported by the Iran since 2015. Two attacks in one week This is the second attack on the United Arab Emirates led by the Houthis in a week. The Yemeni rebels claimed on 17 January

heavy rains in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians try to face

 heavy rains in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians try to face © AFP - Mahmud Hams Street flooded in torrential rains, in the refugee camp of Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip on January 16th 2022. An important wave of bad weather has affected the whole region in recent days. The Palestinian enclave is completely poor in the face of climate hazards. Israeli bombing and rehearsal wars, destroyed basic infrastructure. Result, the sanitation system of the Gaza Strip is very quickly saturated.

an attack of drones and missiles that hit

oil facilities and Abu Dhabi airport and made three dead. The Houthis led multiple attacks on Saudi Arabia, but the attack on January 17 against Abu Dhabi was the first recognized by the United Arab Emirates inside their borders.

to read also burst to the emirates: the underside of a gold contract in the stride, the rebels threatened to multiply the attacks. "We are ready to intensify our operations (?) And respond to climbing by climbing," said the military spokesman of the Yahya Saree rebels in a televised statement, claiming missile shots against the emirates.

The conflict in Yemen, which has made some 377,000 deaths, has intensified in recent weeks with an increase in military coalition raids and government offensives.

Tunisia. Six dead migrants drowned, 30 other missing lines .
© Darrin Zammit LUPI / Reuters A boat carrying 70 people fucking, this Thursday. Photo Stock Illustration. Thirty migrants embarked on a boat fuck this Thursday, January 27 off Tunisia. Six of them died, about thirty is missing. six migrants trying to illegally rally the Europe died drowned this Thursday, January 27 and thirty others are missing after the sinking of their fortune boat off the Tunisia , according to the authorities and the Red Crescent. .

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