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US News: Mental Health: A Guide to Good Practice for the First Gestals

Iran: The niece of the Supreme Guide Khamenei arrested and imprisoned

 Iran: The niece of the Supreme Guide Khamenei arrested and imprisoned © MOREZA NIKOUBAZL Ali Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Guide. Reuters / Morteza Nikoubazl / File Photo Details are not numerous. Farideh Moradkhani, the niece of the Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei , activist against the death penalty, was arrested in Iran last Thursday by the security forces, learned the AFP from his brother, Mahmoud Moradkhani, and of Iranian activists this Sunday. "We are worried ...

Exposition «Hors-cadre toi-même» avec des portraits de résidents de l'Etablissement d'accueil non médicalisé pour personnes handicapées de la ville de Persan (Val-d'Oise). © Clarisse Rebotier Exhibition "Out of Frame" with portraits of residents of the non-medical welcome for people with disabilities of the city of Persian (Val d'Oise).

This is a bit equivalent to the lateral security position, the first gesture taught during first aid lessons to deal with medical emergencies. These are the "first words, first plays, facing someone who cracks or scratches or delirium. How to help it, accompany it, possibly towards a care? " questions Dr. Alain Mercuel, psychiatrist at Hospital Sainte-Anne, Paris. Code name "PSSM", for first aid in mental health, an approach come from Australia. Initially, one could be a bit skeptical in this form of technical trivialization of mental disorders. And then we say why not? Especially since there is need.

New highs for corona new infections and incidence

 New highs for corona new infections and incidence while infectious numbers break a record after another, the debate continues to pass the appropriate pandemic rules. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections over the past 24 hours on Wednesday morning with 112,323. This exceeded the value for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic the brand of 100,000.

Often, including in simply access to care, mental patients can be misunderstood, poorly treated, sometimes put aside or attached with emergency straps, for lack of a minimum clinical situation. Created in Australia in 2001 by an educator, who herself suffered severe psychic disorders, and by a medical teacher, it is a simple training program, which is unpretentious. It quickly spread throughout the world and is now used in 28 countries (Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, in some American states, etc. )

"first prevention relay"

It is now developing in France, with the approval of the Ministry of Health. The goal ? Forming aids at a two-day internship, which "aims at [their] to be attentive and to recognize the first manifestations or the worsening of mental disorders, to behave in a suitable way to get in touch With the person and gaining confidence, and to know sufficiently professional and non-professional resources to guide or help him orient themselves towards adapted care. The target is the general public, that is, anyone 18 years of age or older, " is explained in the program. Since 2019, the PSSM France association, which manages these disposals, has trained more than 12,000 people.

Health Minister of the Federation and countries advise again via Corona location

 Health Minister of the Federation and countries advise again via Corona location two days before the next Bund-Country-Lace round to the Corona situation, the Country Health Ministers and Federal Health Minister Karl Laudutbach (SPD) on Saturday again discuss the further procedure in the pandemic. On the agenda of the videoconferencing, according to the committee-leading Magdeburg Ministry of Social Affairs, the vaccination obligation, the handling of the genesen status and generally the measures with regard to the omikron variant.

This training is basic. "There is no diagnosis, insists the PSSM France association. The mental health rescuers are not experts. They are intended to become a first prevention and guidance relating to health professionals. " Through role plays, testimonials, exercises, trainees will be driven to discover the world of psychic disorders, "to adopt a less stigmatizing look and learning to react from the first signs or at A crisis occurring in their near circle: friend, neighbor, colleague, family, public supported in a professional setting.

"Knowing how to be modest"

Faced with a person seeming to suffer from psychic disorders, the PSSM plan therefore encourages listening to "without judging, comforting, informing and encouraging to consult health professionals, without forcing the hand." Obviously, one is never quite far from the cliché and simplifications. Thus, during the fourteen hours of training, is highlighted an "action plan" with its mnemonic means ( "ventilate", to approach, listen, comfort, encourage, inform). "And this attitude should apply to the most common disorders: depressive, anxious, psychotic and drug or alcohol disorders," Note PSSM France.

We see it, it is not the revolution. "You have to know how to be modest, but it can help avoid bad understanding of situations," notes Dr. Mercuel. In short, a small step. At the Enciabales Congress, on January 19, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, gave a momentum to this program launched by Agnès Buzyn. "The prevention of psychic suffering involves solidarity. The development of the First Aid Program in Mental Health contributes, " has announced, greeting an " device that has been proven abroad and is also a very beautiful awareness vector. "

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