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US News: VER in the crisis: Capretti stronger pressurized

Handelsblatt Energy Sipple: Demand Up, Investing Down: Oil could be temporarily scarce

 Handelsblatt Energy Sipple: Demand Up, Investing Down: Oil could be temporarily scarce The demand for oil and gas is rising again. However, the conveyor companies introduce themselves on the energy transition. Short term can be problematic. © DPA Despite the climatic, demand for fossil raw materials continues to increase. A year ago, the fossil raw material giants have already explained the end of the oil age in view of the business forecasts under pressure by the energy transition. But since then, the market shows significant recovery.

The Liberation in the table cellar has missed the SC VER, now against the SV Meppen also concerns the future of coach Guerino Capretti.

Guerino Capretti will mit dem SC Verl die endgültige Trendwende schaffen. © Imago Images / Photography73 Guerino Capretti wants to create the final trendy with the SC Verl.

in front of the duel with Meppen

in the summer is anyway, that has already set Capreti. After then five years as head coach of the SC VERS, the 39-year-old will not extend his contract.

Now it's all about the prior future for the climbing trainer but suddenly the very close future - because that does not seem to be GnAZ as safe as before weeks ago. The youngest 2: 5 at Viktoria Cologne has strengthened the pressure on the coach and its team, only a victory posted the previous year's newcomer finally in the past ten games. The game had actually taken a good start in Cologne, the guests had gone 1-0 in the lead, but given the encounter after the break but completely out of hand. "I can not remember that our game was as bad with the ball as bad," Capretti found with a view of the performance after the break clear words. "The second half was terrifying weak."

Lead 1-Ukrainian Crisis-Meeting Friday in Geneva Between Blinken and Lavrov

 Lead 1-Ukrainian Crisis-Meeting Friday in Geneva Between Blinken and Lavrov Ukraine-crisis / USA-Russia (Lead 1, Photo, TV): Lead 1-Ukrainian crisis-meeting Friday in Geneva between Blinken and Lavrov * Head of US diplomacy expected in Kiev Wednesday * Discussions between European representatives and Russians * Berlin could stop North Stream 2 in case of attack against Ukraine * NATO proposes to Moscow additional meetings (updated all the way ; Photo / TV available) by Susan Heavey and Sabine Siebold Washington / Berlin, January 18 (Reuters) - The Head of American Dipl

Capretti believes in "quality, will and mentality"

He will be the performance of his team again "look closely," the coach announced, but I look forward to the chance for the on Wednesday (19 o'clock, live! At Kicker) Reporting against the SV Meppen comes. Of course, however, the SC VERN needs points to reset as quickly as possible from the near descent zone, which is only a counter away. Because the table picture is decisive: The behind the Ostwestfalen under the line-posted Türkkücücü Munich (20 games) and MSV Duisburg (21) have denied fewer games, but are in stroke distance.

The coach is well convinced, despite what we have the quality, the will and a good mentality. But we have to bring it up again and again in both halves over 90 minutes. Then we come for Questions in question. "

Preview SC Verl - SV Meppen

Different views: SPD politicians advise on attitude in Ukraine crisis .
If someone always says a thing is completely clear, suggesting that there may be a few uncertainties. At the invitation of SPD boss Lars Klingbeil, leading politicians of the party to the Monday afternoon have come together with confidential consultations about Ukraine crisis. "There we are completely clear," said Klingbeil in advance in the ARD morning magazine. "The escalation goes out of Russia. We are completely clear that all options are on the table.

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