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 Mali: Former President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, overthrown by the military, died a year and a half after having been dismissed from power, "IBK" died of a long illness © Ludovic Marin / AP / SIPA Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta is deceased. Africa - a year and a half after being removed from the power, "IBK" died of a long illness former President Malian Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta died on Sunday in Bamako at the age of 76. "President IBK died this morning at 9 o'clock in his home" in the capital, where he lived withdrawn, away from public life, "said his family member.

In order to proceed against the unequal treatment of new and existing customers for basic suppliers, the consumer center NRW has requested an injunction against the Cologne Rhine Energy and the Stadtwerke Gütersloh and the Wuppertal WSE energy .

Hauptverwaltung der Rhein-Energie © Uwe Weiser Head Administration of the Rhine Energy

Background is that numerous basic suppliers - including the three mentioned - currently demand significantly higher prices of new customers, which fall shortly to the respective regional basic suppliers due to a delivery stopper of their previous energy providers. Previously, the consumer headquarters had already encouraged companies to give a corresponding omission statement, which refused.

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Legal clarification sought

"What is legally alright, do not determine the energy suppliers, but the courts," said Wolfgang Schüszinski, Management Board of the Consumer Center NRW. The fact that politics now bring new legal regulations into the game to protect electricity customers, make it clear that there is something wrong. "However, new laws and regulations do not help those who are currently affected by excessive rates and do not know how they are to pay the now twice or even triple so high prices for electricity and gas." That's why you now strive for a short-term legal clarification by the dishes.

The Rhine Energy had already declared last week that they consider the pricing for new customers lawfully. "Our behavior is customer-friendly because in a special situation we have assigned the additional costs for a non-planable additional energy procurement where they have arisen - by passing on these additional costs to the new basic customers," said Sales Officer Achim South Meier said. The "statutory mission is fully after" and start as a basic supplier "those customers who have been left by their previous suppliers".

Due to the last drastically increased procurement costs, numerous energy providers have set the supply of their customers in recent weeks or even filed bankruptcy. These automatically go into regional basic care. There were several tens of thousand households in Cologne. In the new customer rate of the Rhine energy, the kilowatt hour of electricity currently costs 54.09 cents.

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