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US News: Company sells tickets for diving expedition to Titanic wreck

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 Handelsblatt Energy Sipple: Demand Up, Investing Down: Oil could be temporarily scarce The demand for oil and gas is rising again. However, the conveyor companies introduce themselves on the energy transition. Short term can be problematic. © DPA Despite the climatic, demand for fossil raw materials continues to increase. A year ago, the fossil raw material giants have already explained the end of the oil age in view of the business forecasts under pressure by the energy transition. But since then, the market shows significant recovery.

Would you like to be closer to the original Titanic and not only glide your Hollywood image over the TV screen and sink? This wish could come true in 2022, because in summer, expeditions for wreck the world's famous luxury ship are planned - and you can be part! Prerequisite is only a pretty high travel box next to a training run.

Schon bald sind Expeditionen zum Wrack der Titanic möglich © Getty Images / dpa Picture Alliance Already expeditions for wreck the Titanic are possible

The company OCEANGATE plans for summer 2022 six manned expeditions for the wreck of the Titanic, in which non-researchers are allowed to attend. The so-called " Titanic Survey Expeditions" should last ten days and start from Newfoundland. However, the offer is not new, but already in 2021 dives for tourists took place to the iconic shipwreck.

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Requirements for the Titanic Mission

To be part of the expedition, interested parties must meet the following conditions:

be at least 18 years old (at the beginning of the expedition) capable of living a week on a diver support ship to live a valid passport Climbing small dinghies at River Lake can feel comfortable in dynamic environments where (time) plans can change anytime balance and flexibility can demonstrate (for example, by climbing on a ladder and wearing around ten-kilo weights)

who is interested has, can learn more here more and also apply directly to become "mission specialist". Currently, interested parties can apply for dives 2022. And who likes, may bring a guest who may not dive.

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Die Corona-Pandemie hat die Menschheit hart getroffen - für die Natur ist sie jedoch eine Chance zur Erholung. Während der Reiseverkehr zum Erliegen kam und die Welt stillstand, fand in den türkisfarbenen Gewässern der thailändischen Ko Phi Phi-Inseln eine sanfte Wiedergeburt statt. What are the expeditions for Titanic wreck?

Overall, the excursions take ten days. In addition to the dive, even necessary training is completed these days, which prepare the participants on the conditions over and under water.

The dive itself takes between six and eight hours. With mini-submarine diving a pilot, three mission specialists (ie, if you want) and a Titanic expert down to the shipwreck - the Titanic is about 3.8 kilometers depth. Thanks to glazed walls and some outer cameras, the occupants should be offered a unique view of the sunken ship and the diverse sea world during the dive.

During dive, the submarine slides over the deck of the iconic shipwreck. The interior is highlighted so that the divers can see the remains of the big stairs. In addition, the remains of the iconic bridge and a large field with artifacts can be explored.

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How much does an expedition for Titanic cost?

Private Titanic Divers have to reach deep into the pocket for tickets. The price per person is whopping $ 250,000 (converted 221,715 euros). The guest of the mission specialist pays half.

Included in the mission specialist price is not only the dive to the RMS Titanic, but also accommodation on the stations at the high seas, the food and training for the mission. In addition, you get the necessary equipment and may participate in events with scientists and experts. The guest may also participate in everything, with the exception of the dive.

Anyone who needs a small incentive to decide for the one-time dive: so far less than 200 people should have attended the Titanic on the seabed. For comparison, there were already more people in all.

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