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US News: Threat by CyberCrime AS-A-SERVICE

Case Altrad: "Traffic of influence", "corruption", "bonal abuse", a police report Bernard Laporte

 Case Altrad: The synthesis of the BRDE highlights the possible pounds of the boss of the FFR in favor of the MHR President © Franck Pennant / AFP Bernard Laporte and Mohed Altrad are in the viewfits of the BRDE investigators.

BlackBerry Intelligent Security (Grafik: BlackBerry) © Default_Credit BlackBerry Intelligent Security (graphics: BlackBerry) Three tips for defense from Ransomware attacks that are started as Cybercrime AS-A-Service (CAAs) Experts from BlackBerry. First, act proactively, secondly create awareness and secure thirdly infrastructure.

Cybercrime-AS-A-Service (CAAS) is increasingly growing towards the trend and the endangerment of databases and networks in companies and organizations: According to TÜV South attacks by Ransomware will make up one of the decisive Cybersecurity trends of the year 2022 - with far-reaching to devastating consequences for those affected when such an attack is successful. BlackBerry , provider of security software and services for the Internet of Things (IOT), has developed a method with the Prevention FIRST approach to prevent hacker attacks by using KI preventive. The IT security experts summarize in three tips on how companies can effectively resist Data Leaks.

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 moutet no longer could be © provided by Tennis - Open d'Australia (H): Moutet gives off forces against Korda Corentin Mouet went to the end of his strength but it did not not enough. opposite to Sebastian Korda in the second round of the Australian Open, the worldwide player ended up giving up the American. A duel that started well for the French who, after having a very early breaker, knew how to react when his opponents stepped down three games everywhere.

In the current development of the general IT threat landscape, Ransomware is sometimes tabled as Cybercrime AS-A-Service (CAS). Background: Cybercriminals market the malicious software similar to regular software and have created a business model: malware is offered for royalties and including technical support for sale - a dangerous shadow market on growth course. Approvements from the hazard promise the following tips:

proactively acting

talking about digital transformation is one thing to put them in practice a different. The same is the topic of IT security. In many places, there is a catch plan for companies and organizations as far as the security is concerned. However, it is by no means sufficient to raise the residue and to wait for potential attackers to align their strategy. According to the Federal Office for Safety in Information Technology (BSI) , Ransomware has developed with almost 400,000 new malware variants with almost 400,000 new malicious software variants daily. Against this background, companies are well advised to proactively seek to search for effective strategies, to get qualified security partners on board and to track and close gaps in their own security strategy.

Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of retaliation

 Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of retaliation Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of reprisals. View on euronews © Bernd von Jutrczenka / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Westerners warn Moscow: Any incursion into Ukraine will have severe and fast consequences affirmed Joe Biden on Thursday. Her Foreign Minister Antony Blinken was the same day in Berlin with her European counterparts, to form a common solidarity of Ukraine, facing the Russian threat.

Investing the training and awareness of employees

errors are typical human - what sounds like a general place, receives special explosiveness in the context of IT security. For companies, it is advisable not only to protect their databases and systems comprehensively, but also in the workforce Awareness for the topic of security and employees: inside through training and a lived safety culture in the company systematically involve the security strategy. In this case, the focus should be put on it to secure every endpoint as complete as possible.

Helping the technical infrastructure effectively

as particularly effective in the field of technical measures proves to be the Zero Trust principle in practice: Multi-factor authentication is supplemented by new developments from the artificial intelligence (KI) segment to add to Safety systems effectively protect against Cyber ​​attacks. Example Prevention First: In this case, attacks are not fought in retrospect, but with the help of KI recognized early and stopped before they can be performed. In a specially developed solution, BlackBerry has fed around 1.5 trillion files into the system and extracted 20 billion file features. How successfully the approach works against ransomware shows a simulated hacker attack in the Quantum Lab Test Environment of BlackBerry. This shows: Modern hazard defense benefits from agile structures and far-sighted strategic decisions for the appropriate technology - and exactly the management of every company is in demand.

garbage bins: the scoring strikes despite the order to unlock the Garages .
the Tribunal ordered the lifting of strike stakes at the garages and transfers centers, but the service is not close to normally resume © Christophe Simon / AFP The garbage can continue to accumulate in the streets of Marseille.

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