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US News: Ethiopia: Tigerian rebels announce resuming the AFAR

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 PASS Vaccinal: The Constitutional Council will be seized, affirm France's France and the Socialist Party The two left parties announced Sunday having brought together 60 deputies each to be able to seize the Constitutional Council on the application of the law establishing the pass vaccinal.

  Ethiopie: les rebelles tigréens annoncent reprendre les combats en région Afar © AFP / Archives

The Ethiopian Tigi Region has declared Tuesday to have been "forced" to resume fighting in the neighboring area of ​​AFAR , a few weeks after a fold in their fief that had sparked peaceful hopes.

"Since yesterday morning (24 January), we have been forced to take strong measures to neutralize the threat posed by" pro-government forces in Afar, said in a statement the People's Liberation Front of the Tiger (TPLF) , who has been fighting the Ethiopian army for more than 14 months.

"The army of the Tiger does not intend to stay long in Afar nor does not want to see the conflict deteriorate even more," adds the text.

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent in November 2020 the federal army to the Tiger to be removed by the regional authorities, from the TPLF.

EN 2021, the fighting expanded to the neighboring regions of the Amhara and Afar, which closer to Addis Ababa.

last December, the rebels announced their withdrawal from these two regions and withdraws them to the Tiger, after an offensive of government forces.

This decline had aroused the hope of concrete progress towards the end of the fighting, after the death of several thousand people and the stagnation of a deep humanitarian crisis.

But in its statement from Tuesday, the TPLF states that Afar-based government forces have intensified attacks against its positions in recent days.

The government is holding the TPLF responsible for these recent fighting, saying that the last movements of the rebels "cut the main artery of humanitarian aid to Tiger."

The road leading from the Afar capital will sow to the Tyginal capital Mekele is currently the only access to the Tiger, where hundreds of thousands of people live in conditions close to famine according to the UN.

Tuesday, humanitarian sources said that trucks carrying food aid were blocked at a control position in Afar.

25/01/2022 20:01:12 - Addis ababa (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

Justin Trudeau, Negative Tested Contact case, isolation for 5 days .
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