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US News: Germany-debate at the bundestag on compulsory vaccination, the highest contaminations

former Afdler becomes the first center member of parliament since 1957

 former Afdler becomes the first center member of parliament since 1957 Berlin. For the first time since 1957, the Christian-Conservative Center Party is again represented by a deputy in the Bundestag. The Bundestag deputy Uwe Witt, who went out of the AfD in December, announced his change of party on Tuesday. © Bernd von Jutrczenka Uwe Witt at a plenary session in the German Bundestag (archive image). He is happy to "make Christian social and crowded politics for the Center Party in the German Bundestag," said Witt.

health-coronavirus / Germany: Germany-debate at the Bundestag on compulsory vaccination, contaminations at the highest

Berlin, 26 January (Reuters) - the authorities German sanitary states Wednesday of 164,000 new contaminations to the coronavirus in one day, a recorded record announced while the Bundestag is preparing to discuss the introduction of mandatory vaccination.

Faced with the slowdown in the vaccination campaign, German MPs are invited to decide on a bill to mandate VVID-19 vaccination that could be imposed on the entire population or specific groups. .

In Germany, 75% of the population received at least one dose of vaccine, a proportion lower than what can be observed in other Western European countries, France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands where The rate oscillates between 80% and 77%.

Comment: Germany is not allowed to rest on the success of BionTech

 Comment: Germany is not allowed to rest on the success of BionTech The history of the vaccine manufacturer is a success. Now the Federal Government must ensure that Germany is becoming more attractive for other biotech companies. © dpa The Corona pandemic has moved into focus in Germany in Germany. A whole country is in the success of a single biotech company from Mainz.

The subject is not unanimous, or in the Bundestag or public opinion, and several calls to protest before Parliament have been launched.

"anti-Vax" denounce, as in many other European countries, the supposed government's willingness to accentuate its grip on the population and say that making immunization compulsory is contrary to Article 2 of the German Constitution which guarantees everyone the right to life and physical integrity.

According to an Allensbach survey for the Faz, the proportion of Germans who support the manifestations hostile to government measures advanced and 12% of respondents imagine participating in these gatherings against 6% a year ago. (Riham Alkousaa, French version Nicolas Delame)

"Significant Signal": New push brings movement in debate about euthanasia .
Almost two years after a pioneering ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court, movement comes back to the debate for new legal regulations for euthanasia in Germany. Even before the election, two precursors had been presented from the Bundestag. On Thursday, another group cross-group launched an initiative. "We want to enable the assisted suicide, but we do not want to promote him," said the SPD member Lars Castellucci in the presentation of a bill in Berlin.

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