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US News: Sahra Wagenknecht positively tested on corona

Gislason nominated second league professional Wagner After

 Gislason nominated second league professional Wagner After National Trainer Alfred Gislason responded to the coronabed failure of back-shooter Julius Kühn and post-nominated Hendrik Wagner. © imago images He should not be used against Austria: Hendrik Wagner. with a view to dealing with the virus The back room player from the second division Owls Ludwigshafen entered Bratislava on Sunday and is immediately entitled to play.

It is not vaccinated and critically expressed themselves to the Corona vaccines approved in Germany. Now Sahra Wagenknecht has been positively tested - so far she goes well, so the left politician.

  Sahra Wagenknecht positiv auf Corona getestet © Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA

The left-wing policy Sahra Wagenknecht was tested positive on Wednesday morning on Corona. First, the »picture« newspaper had reported about it. Wagnknecht confirmed her infection on demand. You go well so far, she wrote to the mirror.

The result of the positive PCR test was received on Wednesday morning. Wagnknecht is not vaccinated and had repeatedly expressed critically to the vaccines approved in Germany . On Wednesday evening, it was supposed to discuss an ARD Tellkrunde at Sandra Maischberger with the green politician Katrin Göring-Eckardt on the topic of vaccination.

New highs for corona new infections and incidence

 New highs for corona new infections and incidence while infectious numbers break a record after another, the debate continues to pass the appropriate pandemic rules. The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) gave the number of new infections over the past 24 hours on Wednesday morning with 112,323. This exceeded the value for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic the brand of 100,000.

With comments on vaccination, Wagenknecht had triggered significant dispute in the left in recent months. Wagnknecht does not deny Corona, does not express itself clearly as a vaccine, but some of her statements move very close to those of this clientele. In a group meeting, it was the only deputies that did not vote for a decision in which the left-wing faction clearly pronounced for vaccination.

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now also Dağdelen in the criticism

in a common special session of the Bundestag fraction and the party executive on Tuesday evening missed Wagenknecht - as it is said scheduling reasons. The two bodies wanted to pronounce themselves because it came to clashes last, which partly also contains with wagon's nobility.

The party board member Maximilian Becker had advised Wagenknecht because of their statements to vaccinate to join AFD - which there was indignation in the Bundestag fraction. The special session should now be peaceful and constructive.

Last recently, Wagenknecht had provided allies Sevim Dağdelen with negative emphasis on luminosity in the social media for dispute among the left. This went so far that several left-wing politics have now blocked each other on Twitter and accuse AFD near and levellessness.

after false statements to vaccinations: Lisa Fitz does not occur in "late shift" on .
a false fact in the broadcast "late shift" brought Lisa Fitz sharp criticism. Now the cabaret artist pulled consequences. © Ben Kriemann / Picture Alliance The cabaret artist Lisa Fitz wants to appear after her sharply criticized statements to vaccination notes in the SWR comedy program »late shift«. This was announced by the SWR on Thursday. Fitz confirmed the German Press Agency to their decision. She will comment on a timely manner and justify the step, announced her.

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