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US News: Lebanon signs electricity supply agreement with Jordan via Syria

February "decisive" for the Iranian nuclear agreement - source

 February Iran-nuclear /: February "decisive" for the Iranian Nuclear Agreement - Source Paris, January 20 (Reuters) - Foreign Ministers German, British, French and American agreed on Thursday in Berlin that the negotiations to put on the rails the agreement on Iranian nuclear power must change the Braquet, was declared a French diplomatic source.

Le Liban subit des coupures de courant, culminant à plus de 22 heures par jour. © Getty Images - Andrderea Campanu Lebanon undergoes power cuts, culminating at more than 22 hours a day.

The agreement signed this Wednesday, January 26 should come into force in two months if two questions are settled.

with our correspondent in Beirut, Paul Khalifeh

The Jordan Power Network Connection Agreement via Syria will provide 250 megawatts in Lebanon, 10% of its needs. That is, two additional hours of electricity a day that will be added to the two hours currently produced by Lebanese power plants through Fuel offered by Iraq.

But before the realization of this agreement, there are two pitfalls to overcome. The first is the financing. The World Bank has given an agreement in principle, conditioned to certain electricity reforms. This includes an increase in the price of Kilowatt, one of the cheapest in the world, as well as transparency measures, the fight against corruption and the restructuring of the sector. These reforms have not yet been engaged.

Heavy IS Attack on Kurdish Prison in Syria

 Heavy IS Attack on Kurdish Prison in Syria After the most violent attack of the IS Terrormiliz Since almost three years, the location in the Kurthstadt Al-Hassaka is reassured. At the attack in northeastern Syria, there was more than 60 dead.

The second pitfall concerns arrangements in the US law called "César" , which sanctions heavily any individual or entity that would transactions with the Syrian government. Lebanon recently received a mechanism in nine points offered by the United States to proceed with these exemptions. Washington requires the names of managers, technicians, entrepreneurs and companies that will cooperate with Syria on this project.

While waiting for all these conditions to be fulfilled, the Jordanian network connection project will remain ink on paper.

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The Jordanian army kills 27 drug traffickers on the Syrian border .
© AFP - - on this photo published by the Syrian Arab Arab Agency (SANA) on November 30, 2021, bags containing captagon (image d 'drawing). This shooting of a rare violence occurred while the authorities denounce the increase in drug trafficking from Syria, with whom Jordan shared 375 km from Borders. With our correspondent in Amman, Hermine The Clech Traffickers took advantage of a snowstorm to infiltrate in the early morning in Jordanian territory.

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