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US News: Florent Pagny struck by the disease, his loved ones with an open heart on his state of mind!

Plate Sclerosis: The mononucleosis virus in question

 Plate Sclerosis: The mononucleosis virus in question © Adobe Stock Multiple Sclerosis: The mononucleosis virus in question according to a US study published in Science, the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) , which causes mononucleosis, seems to be a triggering element of the multiple sclerosis. This discovery relaunches the hope of finding treatment to cure this autoimmune disease. the plate sclerosis (SEP) is most likely caused by the Epstein-Barr (EBV) virus, according to a study published in the Journal Science on January 13, 2022.

This Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Florent Pagny announced on the web he was suffering from lung cancer. In the aftermath of this terrible announcement, his relatives have made some confidences about his morale in the columns of the Parisien ... the opportunity for Cyril Hanouna to evoke the subject on the touch tray not at my post!

Florent Pagny frappé par la maladie, ses proches à cœur ouvert sur son état d'esprit ! © Visual by Starface Florent Pagny struck by the disease, his loved ones with an open heart on his state of mind!

For several days, the admirers of Florent Pagny have been in worry. And because of this Tuesday, January 25, 2022, the interpreter of "Knowledge Love" entrusted with lung cancer. The artist also explained on his social networks that he reported his new tour to focus on his health. "We have just diagnosed with a lung cancer tumor, which can not take place. I have to go into a protocol of six months of chemotherapy and X-ray, confessed Florent Pagny.

moutet no longer could be

 moutet no longer could be © provided by Tennis - Open d'Australia (H): Moutet gives off forces against Korda Corentin Mouet went to the end of his strength but it did not not enough. opposite to Sebastian Korda in the second round of the Australian Open, the worldwide player ended up giving up the American. A duel that started well for the French who, after having a very early breaker, knew how to react when his opponents stepped down three games everywhere.

Even in adversity, the happy dad of two children wanted reassuring. He also assured that he went "to put in warlike mode to face this test a little particular". On the web, stars and anonymous were numerous to send innumerable messages of support. In the aftermath of this announcement, relatives of the singer were entrusted to the columns of the Parisian about him. "It's all Florent, this message. He's sorry, when we're sorry for him, and he's cash as a person. He did not want to lie to his audience," assured one From his friends to our colleagues. " It is worthy and well surrounded, as always. It's an exceptional being. He will fight and disengage this" brought another.

Video: Florent Pagny reveals his fight against cancer: the Happy pr, Cancerologist, answers all the questions about the disease and on the hopes of healing - Video (Dailymotion)

Deleted Ko, Super Cross-Battles: The Voice is full of novelties for its 11th season

 Deleted Ko, Super Cross-Battles: The Voice is full of novelties for its 11th season © Screenshot TF1 Deleted KB, Super Cross-Batles: The Voice is full of novelties for its 11th Season at a press conference organized this Thursday, January 20, 2022, TF1 unveiled the novelties of the eleventh season expected soon. Surprise again and again! Ten years after its launch, The Voice still wants to surprise. Back soon on TF1, the TV hook will do full of novelties for its eleventh season.

This Wednesday, January 26, 2022 on the touch plate not my post, Cyril Hanouna is, too, out of his silence To greet the courage of Florent Pagny. " is sad for Florent, but he will fight our Florent, I hope he will get out of it because really we love it", regretted the star of the PAF. " I love this artist, I love the man he is. He is without filter. It's an extraordinary man."

in a sequence, Myriam Palomba - the delegated director of the public - has made new revelations on the diagnosis of the disease: "In fact it's been three weeks that at the public was aware that Florent Pagny had serious lung cancer . I have procrastinated a lot because for me, there is still the medical secret [...]. With contacts, I knew he was going to talk about it this week [...] so we decided to get out the info that on Friday so as not to reveal things before him [...]. Florent Pagny learned that he had a lung cancer in early January. Mid-January, he went to a specialist in Paris with his wife Azucena to know what types of treatments exist, if it was operable or if it was not ".

according to his information, Florent Pagny would have learned during the shooting of the new edition of The Voice that his cancer "was inoperable". "He resumes the shooting so he speaks with the jurors, with Nikos and there everyone supports him. It's a swing Florent Pagny, he resumes and he finished the last registration of The Voice ", concluded Myriam Palomba. Case to follow ...

Serge Lama struck by cancer: his long message on social networks ... who gives tears to the eyes! .
After the announcement of Florent Pagny concerning his state of health, Serge Lama wanted to send a message to his friend. A publication that sparked strong reactions. © Pascal Potier / Visual Press Agency Serge Lama struck by cancer: its long message on social networks ... which gives tears in my eyes! This Tuesday, January 15, 2022, Florent Pagny announced a terrible news on its social networks. " Hello, I have to make a little particular announcement.

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