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US News: Flight Crash MH17 in Ukraine: Does Russia have a share of responsibility?

Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military)

 Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? - Deploying Russian soldiers in Belarus - sending British weapons to Ukraine ⚠️ Faced with the risk of armed conflict, diplomats are working to attempt to reconnect a dialogue between Russians and Western. © Hannibal Hanschke / Pool via AP - Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service via AP Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO (to g.), Russian military convoy in Crimea (center), Se

Les membres de la Cour européenne des droits de l’homme examinent l’affaire du crash du vol MH17 de la compagnie Malaysia Airlines. © Ronald Wittek / EPA / Maxppp The members of the European Court of Human Rights examine the Malaysia Airlines flight crash case.

The European Court of Human Rights was interested in Wednesday, January 26, the MH17 flight crash in Ukraine. On the table: the potential violation by Russia of human rights in the destruction of this aircraft in 2014.

The largest formation of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) looked for on Wednesday, January 26 on the potential Violation by Russia Human Rights in the Flight Destruction MH17 in 2014 in East of Ukraine .

This hearing of the Grand Chamber concerned the admissibility of three petitions between States: two opponent of Ukraine to Russia concerning the conflict in the East of Ukraine in 2014, and a third opponent the Netherlands to the Russia for the MH17 crash.

warships "for robust defense" against Russia: Ukraine presents concrete weapons receivables to Germany

 warships The repeated cancellation of the Federal Government irritates Ukraine. Nevertheless, the ambassador defines. Also within the traffic light are doubts on no. © Photo: Sina Schult / dpa The frigate "Hamburg" in an Irini use of the EU in front of the coast of Libya in 2020. Ukraine does not loose after the clear NO of the Federal Government to Weapon Sagers .

"To date, no one has assumed responsibility (from the crash), which added and continues to add to the already huge pain of loved ones", pleaded, during a hearing of several hours, Babette Koopman, on behalf of the Dutch government.

On July 17, 2014, the MH17 flight of Malaysia Airlines, which connected Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crushed as it was flying over the east of Ukraine, killing the 283 passengers and 15 crew members who were on board.

An international team of investigators asserts that the aircraft was shot over the armed conflict zone with the pro-Russian separatists, by a missile conveyed from a Russian military base, probably to fight against Ukrainian forces.

Russia pleads the inadmissibility of Moscow

queries has always denied any involvement.

Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of retaliation

 Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of retaliation Ukraine: Washington revives the spectrum of the cold war and threatens Russia of reprisals. View on euronews © Bernd von Jutrczenka / Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Westerners warn Moscow: Any incursion into Ukraine will have severe and fast consequences affirmed Joe Biden on Thursday. Her Foreign Minister Antony Blinken was the same day in Berlin with her European counterparts, to form a common solidarity of Ukraine, facing the Russian threat.

"Due to the behavior of the Russians, the judicial procedure is unnecessarily delayed", still complicating the mourning of the relatives of the victims, insisted in front of the Court Piet Ploeg, President of the Air Disaster MH17 Foundation.

"Lowers feel helpless because they are involved in a geopolitical conflict in a world on which they have no influence. They have the feeling of playing only a minor role in the power game of Russia, " added the one who lost his brother, his sister-in-law and his nephew in the crash.

Not surprisingly, Russia pleaded for an inadmissibility of the applications from the Netherlands and Ukraine, the position of which was defended by his Minister of Justice Denys Maliuska.

"The authorities of the Russian Federation insist on their non-involvement in the crash," said before the court Mikhail Vinogradov, representative of the Russian government.

At the end of the debates Wednesday, the 17 judges of the Grand Chamber of the ECHR, all of different nationalities (one of which of each country concerned by the requests), will withdraw to deliberate. Their decision will not be made before at least several months.

Different views: SPD politicians advise on attitude in Ukraine crisis .
If someone always says a thing is completely clear, suggesting that there may be a few uncertainties. At the invitation of SPD boss Lars Klingbeil, leading politicians of the party to the Monday afternoon have come together with confidential consultations about Ukraine crisis. "There we are completely clear," said Klingbeil in advance in the ARD morning magazine. "The escalation goes out of Russia. We are completely clear that all options are on the table.

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