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US News: Laura Müller: That's why baby belly photo should be fake!

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Long has been speculated via an pregnancy of Laura Müller . On Wednesday, an Photo appeared on the net that fans from the Influencin and husband Michael Wendler set in snapping. Various media such as the "OK Magazine" published a photo, on which allegedly Laura with a thick baby belly can be seen in the supermarket!

laura-wendler-only-fans © Imago / Revierfoto Laura-Wendler-Only-Fans Laura Müller, the Wendler and the Great Secret

The Scandal Palpchen Michael and Laura heated the rumor kitchen around possible offspring last and again. Even before Christmas, "Angel" -Micha chatted on the common "onlyfans" account: "We definitely have a very great surprise prepared for you in the next few days, so you're looking forward! At the turn of the year, there is information here, Our both life, Lauras and mine, will change forever. "

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only a little later later he let the bomb burst: they bought a plot. "Now it starts with the property. Everyone can think of what will follow. A nest should not stay alone for a long time," added his wife. Clear that the supposed picture of her seemed to underline this announcement!

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But as RTL reports, the displeased pregnant women should not be about the 21- Year-old Influencin act. Several evidence speaks that the woman is not Laura.

On the one hand, the black mini dress of the lady, which stands on the picture in front of a supermarket regal and looks at the products more precisely, suspicious, because other customers bear winter jackets. On the other hand, the sender's verification team wants to find out that the store is an American supermarket in Germany. The reported consignment price also speak. The mask wearing the Laura doppelganger also speaks that they are not in a shop in the US, since there is no mask obligation.

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also "Laura" itself was taken under the microscope. Unlike the woman in the supermarket, which has tattooed a Roman IV on the forearm, Laura had no tattoos until a few weeks ago. In pregnancy, the tattoo sting is also advised. Also, on the supermarket recordings is not Laura's typical maternal mom under the right eye to see what the TV star can not even cover with make-up. Furthermore, it says in the report of RTL, the lips of the real Laura should be less full than that of its doppel. Even the fingernails of the customer - Laura should stand for a very long, artificial stand - are relatively normal long.

Laura Müller: Statement to pregnancy

Not least we also have to believe Laura's statement that has turned up to speak shortly after the publication of the image at Instagram and emphasized not to be pregnant. Her mind the decision, what you share when with the public, made it clear.

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