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US News: A new survey confirms Kendrick Johnson

Comment: Germany is not allowed to rest on the success of BionTech

 Comment: Germany is not allowed to rest on the success of BionTech The history of the vaccine manufacturer is a success. Now the Federal Government must ensure that Germany is becoming more attractive for other biotech companies. © dpa The Corona pandemic has moved into focus in Germany in Germany. A whole country is in the success of a single biotech company from Mainz.

'Accidental Death The new inquiry at the request of Kendrick Johnson's parents confirmed that the American high school student had succumbed accidentally.

  Un nouvelle enquête confirme la «mort accidentelle bizarre» de Kendrick Johnson © RUSS BYNUM / AP / SIPA

The parents of Kendrick Johsnon are convinced that their son was killed and that the authorities tried to stifle this case . But a new survey open a few months ago confirmed the conclusions of the first dated 2013: Kendrick died after a "bizarre accident" involving no suspect. "There was nothing a criminal," the Lowndes County sheriff, Ashley Paulk told CNN . When he was discovered in 2013, in his American high school in Georgia, Kendrick Johnson's body was wrapped in a floor mat. The autopsy had established a death by Asphyxia . The investigators explained at that time that the 17-year-old had caused his death by accident, remaining stuck in the carpet while trying to recover his sneakers. "After a thorough investigation into this tragic event, the federal investigators determined that there was not enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that someone or group of people deliberately violated civil rights. Kendrick Johnson or committed any other federal crime liable to prosecution, "said the authorities in 2016 by announcing the closure of official investigation.

Party scandal: Tory MPs are preparing confidence vote against Boris Johnson before

 Party scandal: Tory MPs are preparing confidence vote against Boris Johnson before Because in the ranks of the British Conservative Party is growing because of the scandal surrounding parties on the seat of government opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the latest revelations to 20 Conservative MP had met to discuss before a parliamentary questioning of the prime minister on Wednesday by a vote of no confidence against Johnson, the "Times" reported. © AP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

A version that is confirmed again while his parents say that the teenager was attacked by three comrades, Brian and Branden Bell, the sons of an FBI agent, and by one of their friends, Ryan Hall . For the relatives of the victim, it is because of their links with the FBI, that the potential suspects would be protected. If the first autopsy, that of the authorities, had asserted that the high school student had died of asphyxia because of his position, a third autopsy, independent, and carried out in 2018, indicated that he had succumbed from a "trauma" non-accidental contaminating. This review was the second independently made in this case. The adolescent body had indeed been exhumed for the first time in 2013 at the request of his loved ones. Here too, the autopsy had stated that it was a death by "non-accident constant trauma". The two examinations asserted that the conclusions were not "consistent with the asphyxiation" announced by the official autopsy.

Capitol's Assault Survey: The Supreme Court inflicts a setback in Donald Trump

 Capitol's Assault Survey: The Supreme Court inflicts a setback in Donald Trump © Leah Millis, Reuters before the Supreme Court of Washington, January 19, 2021. The Supreme Court of the United States rejected, Wednesday , Donald Trump's request to maintain the confidentiality of the White House archives related to the actions of the US President on January 6, 2021, the day of the assault of the Capitol by his followers. It is a victory for the "Special Commission" of the House of Representatives who investigate on this file.

video: \ (bfmtv)

"no criminal action whatever it is"

the sheriff paulk, which was not part of the office at the time of the death of Johnson, asked the evidence Gathered during the Federal Survey in April 2019 as part of its review of the case, but the federal investigators initially rejected its application. Finally, in November 2020, this request was accepted and the Ministry of Justice has submitted its investigation material to the Sheriff's office. This material included testimonials in front of a jury, the results of an autopsy carried out by the federal authorities and additional digital evidence. The sheriff declared that 15 months read "each page" of this file, but found that they showed "no criminal action anywhere. Kendrick's parents responded to this announcement, explaining not to be surprised because they have no confidence in Lowndes County. "We knew from the beginning what would be the result," said Kendrick's father Kenneth Johnson at CNN. "You can not investigate the same investigators who have concealed things. They will not discover something they concealed. " "I am very sure that there will always be a quota that will believe that there has been a criminal record," wrote the sheriff in his report. "I encourage everyone to study all the evidence of this file before forging an opinion."

A documentary tracing this strange deal is available on Amazon Prime. "Finding Kendrick Johnson" says Kendrick has been killed and the murderer is protected . A witness told in the past that someone would have seen the murder but would have been threatened with reprisals if he decided to speak. The witnesses surveyed in the documentary, just like Kendrick's family, were already saying at the time of the filming of this documentary do not have hope about the new investigation.

Boris Johnson suspected of allowing the rescue of a Kabul kennel at the time of taking the city by the Taliban .
the British Prime Minister is accused of having passed the lives of dogs and cats before that of Afghans, directly threatened by fundamentalists.

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