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US News: Faeser dissociates itself from its shutdown threat to telegram

Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military)

 Tensions Russia - Westerners: strong diplomatic activity (and military) ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? - Deploying Russian soldiers in Belarus - sending British weapons to Ukraine ⚠️ Faced with the risk of armed conflict, diplomats are working to attempt to reconnect a dialogue between Russians and Western. © Hannibal Hanschke / Pool via AP - Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service via AP Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO (to g.), Russian military convoy in Crimea (center), Se

Berlin. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has relativized its threat to lock the Messenger service telegram in further violations of German laws. You especially have gone to "increase the pressure".

 Innenminsterin Nancy Faeser. © Bernd von Jutrczenka Interior Minister Nancy Faeser.

"Of course it is not my goal to turn off Telegram," Faeser said on Thursday in Hessian broadcasting. With their shutdown threat in an interview two weeks ago, it gone to all things to "increase the pressure".

Faeser had a shutdown of Telegram as "Ultima Ratio" in the weekly newspaper. She now said HR-Info, at that time, she had only the "gait" to telegram "slightly tightened" to achieve that the service will work when it comes to murder threats, hatred and hazard.

Ukraine: Ex-President Poroshenko, accused of betrayal, remains on freedom

 Ukraine: Ex-President Poroshenko, accused of betrayal, remains on freedom © Ukrainian justice decided on Wednesday of the freedom of the former president and opposing Petro Poroshenko, accused of high treason, while prohibiting him from leaving the country. The decision was announced by Judge Oleksi Sokolov. Reacting on the announcement, Mr. Porochenko and his loved ones sang the national anthem in the courtroom of the Kiev Court, according to journalists on site. The parquet had claimed its incarceration, except payment of a deposit of about 30 million euros.

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Telegram is becoming increasingly becoming a medium of radicalization in accordance with the assessment of the security authorities. Particularly affected are politicians as well as experts from science and medicine, which publicly engage in coping with the Corona Pandemic. In mid-December, the police searched objects of members of a chat group, which on telegram murder plans against the Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer (CDU).

The Federal Government wants to bring Telegram to proceed against hatred and hazard. However, the company is difficult for the German authorities. The company founded by a Russian is located in Dubai. Telegram did not respond to two commercial warnings already sent in April last year.

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