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US News: Special Day Purchasing Power: Manifestation in Marseille for the increase in wages

"Getting an eartake": Collective bargaining with private banks Canceled

 After the termination of collective bargaining for Germany's private banks, Verdi runs the strike preparations. "We started the strike planning last night," said the negotiator of the union, Jan Shusheck, on Tuesday of the German Press Agency. "We will certainly start the strikes in the next few weeks and expand. Yesterday's course has led to a great displeasure with us and with our members. "First work of work could give it in the coming week.

Plus de 3.000 personnes se sont réunies à Marseille, comme partout en France, pour manifester contre la baisse du pouvoir d'achat. Mais les revendications vont bien au-delà des salaires, notamment pour les professeurs. Ils dénoncent un système éducatif au bord de l'écroulement. © Christophe Simon / AFP More than 3,000 people gathered in Marseille, as everywhere in France, to demonstrate against the decline in purchasing power. But the claims go far beyond wages, especially for teachers. They denounce an educational system at the edge of the collapse.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Marseille, as in other cities in France, with one slogan: increase in wages. These French, financially exsangues, simply ask for a little bit of air since their salary no longer allows them to deal with the cost of life that increases inexorably.

This is the case of Stéphane, cook for a local authority. "It's been 8 years since I'm a chef of cooking. I am paid for the SMIC. The way I'm paid does not fit with what I take (as workload). In a few days, there was more than 10 cents increase on diesel. Everything increases, so it's still complicated. Everything is expensive, life is expensive. We do not live, we survive. Change car, it's complicated. Make a real estate credit, It's very complicated, so people up there wake up, "he says, exasperated.

Low earner: Great differences in the regions

 Low earner: Great differences in the regions In East Germany, the number of low earners is significantly higher than in the west of the republic. Women and people without German citizenship are also more common in the low-wage sector. In urban areas, the share of low earners tends to be lower than in rural areas. © Provided by El Lobo / Women are above-average often affected by low wages according to a study by the Economic and Social Science Institute (WSI) The Union-based Hans-Böckler Foundation is consider

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of claims beyond the wages

we feel a lot of anger and weariness at the same time in this forty procession of about 3,000 people. We meet both caregivers, dockers, postalkeepers, retirees, especially teachers, who push claims beyond the wage issue. Like Maloura who is a professor of history in priority education zone: "The education service goes very, very badly. It's been five years that it is attacked, dismembered. We lack human resources. MA Pancard 'Middle salaries = contempt' denounces the fact that one is not respected by a minister (Jean-Michel blanquer). It is collapsed. There are fewer and fewer teachers, moreover more In addition to vacators very poorly paid. It lacks a lot of posts. We have the impression that the public education service is crumbling, "she denounced, thus pulling the doorbell of alarm.

In the image of this teacher, many here are more likely to worry about the future of all public services.

garbage bins: the scoring strikes despite the order to unlock the Garages .
the Tribunal ordered the lifting of strike stakes at the garages and transfers centers, but the service is not close to normally resume © Christophe Simon / AFP The garbage can continue to accumulate in the streets of Marseille.

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