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US News: Boris Johnson suspected of allowing the rescue of a Kabul kennel at the time of taking the city by the Taliban

Party scandal: Tory MPs are preparing confidence vote against Boris Johnson before

 Party scandal: Tory MPs are preparing confidence vote against Boris Johnson before Because in the ranks of the British Conservative Party is growing because of the scandal surrounding parties on the seat of government opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the latest revelations to 20 Conservative MP had met to discuss before a parliamentary questioning of the prime minister on Wednesday by a vote of no confidence against Johnson, the "Times" reported. © AP British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

the British Prime Minister is accused of having passed the lives of dogs and cats before that of Afghans, directly threatened by fundamentalists.

Boris Johnson decidedly collecting the polemics: on the hot seat because of the "partygate", it is now suspected of having intervened personally to facilitate the rescue of a Kabul kennel, at the moment when the city fell in the hands of the Taliban, in August 2021, and while thousands of Afghans fearing for their lives desperately tried to flee the country.

The operation allowed to transfer to the United Kingdom about 150 dogs and cats as well as the owner of the kennel, Pen Farthing, a veteran of the Royal Navy. During this dramatic period, the British authorities rescued 15,000 Afghans (translators and their families, personalities at risk) but thousands of others - sometimes even binationals, with a British passport, did not have that chance.

Trial Sankara in Burkina: The highlights of three months of hearings

 Trial Sankara in Burkina: The highlights of three months of hearings © Daniel Wool Thomas Sankara during a military parade in Ouagadougou on 4 August 1985 The trial of the assassins alleged from the former President Burkinabis Thomas Sankara , killed with twelve of his companions during a coup on October 15, 1987, between Monday in the phase of the requisites and the pleadings.

Wednesday, January 26, the Westminster Foreign Affairs Committee, which investigates the management of the British withdrawal of Afghanistan, published an email mentioning the supposed role of the Prime Minister in this fairly baroque evacuation - and highly publicized at the time ( Mr. Farthing had multiplied calls for help on television channels).

On August 25, 2021, a collaborator of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs ZAC Goldsmith, had sent an email to the Foreign Office evacuation team mentioning the kennel of Mr. Falthing. "The Nowzad Charity Association, led by an ex-Royale Navy, has received a lot of advertising and the PM [Prime Minister] has just allowed the evacuation of his teams and animals".

Boris Johnson weakened by the "PartyGate"

This message corroborates the allegations of an alert launcher, Raphael Marshall, an employee of the Foreign Office, who delivered to Parliament, end 2021, a slaring testimony on the chaotic British rescue operation . His department had "received instructions from the Prime Minister" to use "considerable [transport" capability "to help the Animals of the Nowzad Association to leave the country.

Ukraine: London accuses Moscow to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev

 Ukraine: London accuses Moscow to install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev © AFP - Anatolii Stepanov A Ukrainian soldier on the front line with the Pro-Russian separatists in the Lugansk region, January 21, 2022. The information declassified by Great Britain on the Ukrainian crisis reveals a dark scenario. The British government accuses Russia to prepare a puppet regime in Ukraine after an invasion. With our correspondent in London, Marie Boeda A former Ukrainian MP Pro-Russian Yevhen Murayev is considered the favorite candidate of the Kremlin after an invasion.

At the time, Boris Johnson had defended to have passed the lives of dogs and cats in front of that of Afghans, directly threatened by the Taliban.

Boris Johnson, isolated, faces a police investigation on the "PartyGate"

The Sky News chain and the BBC also reported M. Johnson's MP and Parliamentary Assistant, Trudy Harrisson, who seems to be To be demented, at the end of August 2021, to find an airline agreeing to charter a plane for the animals of Mr. Falthing. Asked by the BBC, Dominic Dyer, an activist of the animal cause that participated in the rescue of the kennel, was astonished that Mr. Johnson refuses to recognize his role: "None of your viewers imagine, I suppose, As me, Pen Farthing and some other volunteers have been able to organize such evacuation alone. "

weakened by cascading revelations of the "PartyGate", the Prime Minister again denied any involvement Thursday, January 27. "It's rhubarb - anyone - he launched funny, the soldiers have always given priority to human beings and that was the right thing to do. On Twitter, Pen Farthing assured "100%" had "no direct contact" with Mr. Johnson.

Greece: A young wounded whale finds the sea .
A young whale wounded at the muzzle that had fallen on a beach in the south of Athens was able to return to the sea after being neat, announced Saturday the Greek authorities. "It's a high seas animal, the more it remains in shallow waters and the more health feels," said Greek Deputy Minister Georgios Amyras at the ERT public television channel. It stated that the whale, whose state remains a concern, was now off the island of Salaine.

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