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US News: Trade between the EU and the United Kingdom penalized by Brexit

Ukraine: the leader of American diplomacy in Europe to avoid climbing

 Ukraine: the leader of American diplomacy in Europe to avoid climbing © AP - Alex Brandon The US Secretary of State for his departure for Ukraine, January 18, 2022. The Head of American Diplomacy Antony Blinken goes on Wednesday in Kiev, before Berlin then Geneva Friday, where he will meet his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. "We are at a stage where Russia can launch an attack in Ukraine at any time," said Tuesday the spokesman for the White House Jen Psaki, speaking of an "extremely dangerous situation".

Le port de Felixstowe dans le comté de Suffolk, est le port de conteneurs le plus important du Royaume-Uni. © Ben Stansall AFP / File The port of Felixstowe in Suffolk County, is the largest container port in the United Kingdom.

Over the first ten months of 2021, the European Union's exports to the United Kingdom fell by 15% in value, while European imports from the United Kingdom fell by 30%, according to the French Ministry of The economy.

The negative consequences of Brexit are effective British side and European side. Exports from the European Union to the United Kingdom fell by 15% over the first ten months while European imports from the United Kingdom fell by 30%. This is the state of play of Brexit, one year after the entry into force of the new trade agreement between the two parties which resulted in a restoration of border customs controls. The administrative procedures for transporting goods have therefore been more restrictive. The British distribution chain MARKS & SPENCER has for example justified the closure of several stores in France by the complexity of export procedures.

OL at war against his supporters before the Derby

 OL at war against his supporters before the Derby © supplied by The OL of Jean-Michel Aulas is scalded by his own supporters. Lyon only paid over the overflows of its supporters this season. Whether in the framework of the Olympico and the aggression of Dimitri Payet punishable by a penalty point in particular, or more recently in the Cup of France on the ground of Paris FC, with heating in the tribune which have succeeded excluding both teams from the competition.

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Automobile, textiles and aeronautics are the sectors most affected by this decline in trade. Of course, it is necessary to mention the effects of the health crisis that have also carved European exports and imports. According to Eurostat data, however, exceeded the first ten months of 2021 their levels from the same period of 2019.

Brexit has seen an increase in formalities, with an increase of 62% of transit declarations for customs and a multiplication by 6.5 of the export declarations of the European Union registered by France.

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The Jordanian army kills 27 drug traffickers on the Syrian border .
© AFP - - on this photo published by the Syrian Arab Arab Agency (SANA) on November 30, 2021, bags containing captagon (image d 'drawing). This shooting of a rare violence occurred while the authorities denounce the increase in drug trafficking from Syria, with whom Jordan shared 375 km from Borders. With our correspondent in Amman, Hermine The Clech Traffickers took advantage of a snowstorm to infiltrate in the early morning in Jordanian territory.

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