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US News: "It scares me this company": Pascal Praud goes to the niche to defend the non-vaccinated

Why French and Swiss producers do not want an "American Gruyère"

 Why French and Swiss producers do not want an © Fabrice Coffrini / AFP An American federal judge has just considered "Gruyère" is a generic term and that American producers have now the right. to market their cheese under this name. A decision that causes the anger of their French and Swiss counterparts, who consider that this heritage is linked to our territory. The Gruyère is the emblematic cheese of our mountains, made in Switzerland and France, and mainly in the Savoyard and Franche-Comté Alps.

“Ça me fait peur cette société” : Pascal Praud monte au créneau pour défendre les non-vaccinés © screenshot "The listeners have the floor" - RTL "It scares me this company": Pascal Praud Monte To the niche to defend the non-vaccinated at the microphone of RTL, this Thursday, January 27, Pascaul Praud has openly criticized the words of Martin Hirsch on the paying charge of the non-vaccinated. Faced with an auditor, sharing the opinion of the Director of the AP-HP, the facilitator claimed the freedom of each.

The words of Martin Hirsch have not finished running ink. On the plateau of the show C to you, Wednesday, January 27 on France 5, The General Manager of the AP-HP questioned the free care for non-vaccinated . A controversial statement that left Pascal Praud without voice . In listeners have the floor, broadcast on RTL on Thursday, January 27, The 57-year-old animator emphasized the absurdity of Martin Hirsch's intervention. "I remind you that vaccination is not mandatory in France. If you want to be non-vaccinated, you are not an offender, is your choice so a priori you must have the same rights as the other , esteem the journalist. It's the freedom of each. "

lottery as a vaccination incentive in Austria

 lottery as a vaccination incentive in Austria Vienna. On 1 February, the country as the first in the EU introduces the vaccination. The government sweetens the incision into the fundamental rights with gifts in billions. © Lisa Leutner Austrian skeptic and vaccine opponent at a demonstration in Vienna. last autumn, Austria caused great international sensation, because it was the first country in Europe the intention to introduce the luminosity in law.

After sharing his opinion on the question,

the pros hour conductor wanted to know the opinion of the auditors. Unlike Pascal Praud, some French would not be against the idea of ​​paying the care of non-vaccinated in hospitals. "I do not understand that the non-vaccinated people mobilize caregivers who are on the ball joints (...) The non-vaccinated take my head," says Olivier at the microphone of RTL. A position that was quick to react the companion of Catherine , rushed by such a statement. " it scares me this company . There are rules of law and we must apply the rules of law", he retorts. Without this form of freedom, Pascal Praud does not see how society could hold. Martin Hirsch: His remarks on the non-vaccinated health experts

"Father Pierre must turn back to his grave," wrote Gérald Kierzek on his Twitter account shortly after the intervention of Martin Hirsch on

the Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine tray. The Physician Urgentist could not hide his indignation at the remarks held by the former President of Emmaus France and High Commissioner for Active Solidarities against Poverty under the second Government of François Fillon.

The Baltic countries send anti-existing and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

 The Baltic countries send anti-existing and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine © Handout / Ukrainian Defense Ministry Press / AFP L ES Baltic countries will provide military equipment to the Ukraine while the tension remains strong with the Russia neighbor. The Estonia , the Latvia and the Lithuania announced Friday that they would send anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine to allow it to defend itself "in case of Russian aggression".

And it is not the only health specialist to have been shocked by this speaking. Although

opposed to the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 , Martin Blachier can not design the end of free care for the non-sick CVIV-19 vaccinations. Guest of RMC in the Estelle Midi show, the public health professor has been offended by such a declaration : "I do not understand that someone who has this behavior can still be in office." The epidemiologist held arguing by explaining the basis of the French health system : "It is not in line with the choices made in France where we have a system of national solidarity and after we have things that are mandatory or not mandatory so as to support this national solidarity. " to read also "vaccinate all children has no sense": Gérald Kierzek pushes a new hang of mouth - Gala

Justin Trudeau, Negative Tested Contact case, isolation for 5 days .
© Dave Chan The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a Press Conference on COVID-19, January 12, 2022 in Ottawa, Canada The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday that there was contact case and would remain in isolation for 5 days, in accordance with the health rules in force in Ontario for vaccinated persons. "Last night, I learned that I had been exposed to COVID-19. The result of my quick test was negative," he said on Twitter.

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